How to Choose a Web Designer

In this video I’d like to talk to you about
how to choose a web designer and give you a 7 step process on how to find the best one
for your business. So you decided to get a professional website
designed for your business but you don’t know what to look for or where to find a designer
that will meet your needs. Here are the 7 steps for sorting through the
process of choosing one: 1. Know the purpose of your website Is the goal of your website to sell products,
generate leads or just to display information? 2. Search within your local area Use the internet search for the top 10 web
designers in your local area. Why a local instead of a world search? Well, the benefit
of contacting a local designer is that you can meet with him or her face to face, ask
them any number of questions, plus you can support your local community. 3. Look for qualifications and experience Hiring a qualified and experienced professional
will save you time and money because he or she knows all the intricacies of designing,
building and even marketing a professional website. If you hire an inexperienced person
you’ll be paying for the time it takes to correct his or her mistakes while he or she
is learning on the job. 4. View the design portfolio The portfolio page displays the websites he
or she has built for previous customers. If the designer has been in business for many
years you’ll have many different designs to review. 5. Read client testimonials What someone else says about you is more believable
than someone who “toots their own horn.” Read the opinions of others so you know what
to expect from hiring this specific designer. 6. Call or email Talking to someone on the phone gives you
a better idea if you want to work with this particular person than just emailing them. If you prefer to email the web designer then
check the response times. If they don’t respond quickly or within 24 hours move on to the
next one. 7. Offer marketing and website maintenance
services Designing your website is just the first step
in building a profitable business on the Web. A clear marketing strategy is needed to drive
visitors to your website and then convert those visitors into buyers. Ask your web designer
if they also offer marketing services. If they have been in business for many years
they’ll be able to offer you methods for generating immediate and long term traffic
to your website. As far as ongoing maintenance goes, websites
need constant updating to provide new content plus you have to stay ahead of your competitors.If
you don’t want to maintain it yourself ask the web design company if they can do it for
you and how much they will charge. If you follow these 7 steps it will not only
save you time to find a professional web designer but give you the confidence to build a professional
business on the Web. If you want to get in touch with a professional
web designer then go to or click the link below this video Thanks for watching.

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