How to Convert MOV Videos to AVI Videos so they Upload to Windows Movie Maker

Welcome to my video on how to convert
an MOV file to an AVI file, so it can be
uploaded to Windows Movie Maker. Lets get started! Ok! Now I’ve already uploaded an MOV file for the purpose of this video. Now the file is just a very short video of me playing the guitar. Now… if I try to upload that MOV file now. it will not upload to Windows Movie Maker and the reason is that MOV files
aren’t compatible. However! There is a tip that i can show you that allows you to very easily change the MOV file to an AVI file, without having to download any additional software, it’s really easy! Now you need to click on the folder icon at the bottom left of the screen and then go to ‘View’, then go to ‘Options’ then go to ‘Change folder and search options’. Now… on the new ‘Folder Options’ window click
on the ‘View’ tab and there’s an option here that says ‘Hide
extensions for known file types’. So we need to un-tick that, click ‘Apply’ and then click ‘OK’. Now once you’ve done that You come over to your file and you go to rename it! and now you can see the file extension is there. So if we just take that away and
type ‘AVI’ and then click ‘Enter’. Now it comes up with a message saying that the file might become
unusable now there is a chance that the file, when it’s converted from MOV to AVI, might not work again, so you’ll probably be best to do a back up of the MOV file before trying this but i’d say ninety-nine percent of the
time the encoding is going to be very similar
and it will transfer through, every time I’ve tried it so
far it’s worked for me, so i’m going to click on
‘Yes’. Now I have my AVI file now I’m going to upload that AVI file so I’m going to click ‘Browse for videos’ click on my AVI file and the movie is preparing for your file,
so this might take a moment, although it’s a very short video so I think we’ll just wait… (Short Pause) Excellent so it’s uploaded! I won’t play it for very long just to prove a point! that’s it! So it is working. So that’s how
you would very quickly convert an MOV file to an AVI file so that it then uploads to Windows Movie Maker or
which ever video editor you are using. Thanks for
watching my video hope you found this useful, please feel
free to add a like or a comment below.

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