How to Create a Home Page With Website Templates : Designing a Website With Sample Sites

Hello everyone, its Terry Bowden with Experts
Village. We’re going to take a look at Websites One features, ok? Now when you go to the features
tab here, more features than any other site builder on the internet, and every one of
these builders probably say that, but anyway. All available at no extra charge, these features
would cost you thousands of dollars if built seperately, ok? So, let’s take a look at them.
Got the web page, 10 great looking texts with images, layouts and can change between layouts
anytime. There’s some of those. You have the links page. Photo albums, probably the number
one, everybody loves pictures, right? And they do tell a thousand words. Multimedia
where you can upload any file format of your video or your flash and you can play right
on your web page. This is one of the really hot ones this year. Custom feedback form,
a contacts page, a guestbook, reccommend site; where you can actually, where the page, if
a, lets say a friend gets on there and they put in their email, it will send this particular
web page to them. You know, kind of share it with your friends and family. Message board,
mailing list, newsletter, of course a Q and A page, a redirect page, auto responder page,
a calendar, an advertise in store company events on there, articles page, cupons; let
me tell you, save money right? yes this is a very good page, one of the most widely used
ones also. A map, enter your address and it has a link to a map that’s already generated
for you, it’s very very easy. A quotes page, polling booth; think we got an ellection coming
up right? no, it doesn’t have anything to do with that, I’m sorry. Hours of operation,
table of contents, and a press release. Now when we come back we’re going to take a look
at something that a lot of small businesses are using, the shopping cart and we’ll look
at some of the other features.

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  1. I have an template but it only gave me one site so how can you make another page yourself with that template?

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