How to Create a Home Page With Website Templates : How to Edit Website Template Sites

Hello everyone. I’m Terry Bowden for Expert
Village. Now we’ve been talking about doing a template website in USING WEBSITES 1. And
the last segment we added a page. The ACTORS page. So now we’re going to go up and we’re
going to manage our pages. Now this is their particular pages and of course they have a
whole lot in here. But as you see they start out with, kind of cute, BASECAMP is their
homepage, you know acting I guess. But anyway their classes and so forth. All the different
web pages that they’ve built and I noticed they utilized, they have web page, a catalog,
mailing list, and photo album, a calendar. So see how they’ve utilized all their different
kinds of pages that we were looking at earlier. Recommend sites. So I guess some of their
actors or friends can recommend their website to others. And notice this, hidden from index.
Now these pages cannot be seen on their main page or any other consequent pages. You can’t
see them but they’ve got them down here because they utilize them through other pages, okay?
So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to their classes and we’re going to view
it to give you an idea. Now they built this page the way we built our actors page. Except
they put in links. See it says INTRO TO THE ACTORS WORLD. There’s a link here that takes
you to another page. See that’s the way it kind of works okay? And there’s FROM BACKGROUND
TO SLATE, another page that they’ve added and FROM SLATE TO STARDOME. Okay I guess these
are classes that they offer. So if you go to intro to the actors world it takes you
to a whole other page see, where I guess people can buy classes and of course go to the class.
So that kind of gives you an idea how there’s a page within a page. Because if we go back
to the manage pages, see? Hidden from index. See, down here is the pages that they have
hidden. All right, so it kind of works. So this is how you would do your page. If you
wanted to add different pages to your main page then you would add those. So let’s take
a look. We’ll go to the front page. These are all the links. All these are pages that
we see. The other pages that they had at the bottom you could not see. But you can go to
those pages through these pages. Sounds kind of complicated but that’s pretty much how
you would manage your pages. And if you don’t want this particular page BASECAMP to be number
one you can always change it, all right, and make it a different page through sort pages.
See. And it numbers them for which one you want first, second, third and so on. Okay?
And then of course to the right, pages not in index. There’s those, entire okay? So when
we come back we’re going to take a look at the design and tools of developing your web

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