How to Create a HTML Webpage using Notepad

Hi this is Utk from the learning Arch and
today I am going to show you how to make a Html Website within minutes, So why do you
even need to build a Html website when there are so many website building software out
there, well the answer is that , first you will learn a computer language and second
that if there is a problem in the syntax you will not be able to solve it. So without any
further delay Lets get started. Now for Creating a html webpage you will need a program like
notepad or notepad ++. I will be using notepad. Browser uses certain commands or tags to show
our website. So your first tag will be the HTMl tag, which signifies the starting of
a html webpage. Then we have the head tag which i used for the head of the browser.Next
we have the title tag which obviously shows the title of the webpage. You can write any
title mine is my title. Now it is very important to close a container tag with a forward slash
in front of it. Next we close the head tag and then we start the body tag. you can write
anything you want. Lets just stick to this is my first html webpage, then we close the
body tag and the html tag. Then we want to save our webpage with any name with dot html
in the end. this is very important. Now let’s just minimise this and we see that there is
a new file named webpage on our desktop with a browser icon. In this case mozilla firefox.
When we double click, the file opens in the browser. This is the title we wrote, this
area is the head of the browser I earlier told you about and this over here is the body
, where all the information shows up…. this is where all the magic happens. If you liked
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