How to create a web page in HTML using Notepad

How to create a web page in HTML using notepad here in this video we are going to see the answer for this question First e need to open the notepad program for that go to start menu and click notepad option here in the Notepad We need to type our HTML program for that I simply copy the program from another file as it takes some time to type See this is our html program I have already explained this program in my previous video The link for that video is given in the
description below next We need to save this program as HTML for that you go to file menu under click save In the save as dialog box first, you choose the location where you want to save your file Here, I’m going to save my file in D : and in html folder next set save as type as all files and Encoding as utf-8 Next give the name for your file here I’m going to give Webpage as my file name and html extension. Don’t forget one thing HTML extension is must next click on the Save button in order to see the created html file open my computer and D : here is our folder HTML open it See here is the created HTML file. This file shows Google Chrome icon Since it is the default browser of my system now, I’m going to open this file by double clicking here We are going to see our web page See this is our web page created using notepad Now I’m taking the coding see in header part using the title tag I have given text like about planets our browser displays this text here on the tab as Title of this web page here inside the body tag. I have given some text our browser displays this text here as our web page content That’s it Thanks for watching my video I’ll meet in my next video until then Bye and take care

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