How to Create a WordPress Website for Free – Tutorial for Beginners

Welcome to this tutorial where we’re
gonna create a WordPress website absolutely for free. You can easily
create a blog or portfolio in such a way or test out your design project. First of
all, we want a place to store the website data, so we need to get a free hosting.
For this example, I use a free hosting by Hostinger. You can find the link to it and to all the resources in this video in the
description below. Getting free hosting here is really simple. All you need is
create an account and verify your email. Once your email is verified, your free
hosting is running. As you can see, the address of my website contains a
subdomain. To get rid of that I need to go and park my own domain name. I can do that on the web address section, but to park the domain on the hosting, I need to
register it at first. You can do that with It gives you a free domain valid for 12
months, and it can be reused every four months before it’s expiration date. To
link the domain to the existing hostingб we need to use DNS. All I need to do is
copy and paste the keys I can find on the control panel, then you go to a
checkout page, enter your email and go to your inbox to verify it. To complete the
order, you’ll need to fill in some personal data in the form, and then your
domain is ready in your personal account On, you can see the data
regarding your domain and see when it expires. Now let’s park it on our hosting and see if it works. Done! The next thing we have on our
checklist is installing WordPress. We can do it right in the control panel on a
Build Website’ tab. Before installation fill in the login and the password you
want to set for your WordPress website. When WordPress is installed, you go on
and type in your login and password and enter your site password. When we click on ‘Visit Website’ button, we can see that it is displayed with a sub-domain. So, let’s go and check if the
domain regarding freenom works. It works as well, so now it’s time to give it a
great look. So I’m gonna get a free WordPress theme by TemplateMonster. Just visit the website, type in the word “free” in the left search and pick WordPress
category. You’re gonna see great free themes which are just the light versions
of our premium WordPress themes still being high quality and great-looking
products. I like the theme for an architect. Let’s check out his demo! Looks great. Let’s try it out on our
website. All you need to download the free theme is to share it on one of your
social media accounts. Then you just press ‘Download’ and receive the download link via email. Once you have unzipped the files, upload your theme to WordPress. After you installed and activated, it will
not look the way it did in the demo preview. So, we need to use the plug-in
wizard which will help you upload all the needed plugins and the sample design. If you already have some data on the
website, check the corresponding box and the design will be applied to your own
content. Thanks for watching! If you found this
video useful, leave the thumbs up and subscribe!

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