100 Replies to “How to Create an eCommerce Website (Online Store) in WordPress for Beginners 2019!”

  1. Holy Smokes Hogun! You changed the trajectory of my life with your previous Parallax Tutorial. Thank you for posting this. Amazing!

  2. Hello Hogan! :)) What if I already have a domain name and an already built website and want to take it and remake it from scratch on wordpress?

  3. Hey Hogan! Thank you so much for this tutorial, you totally saved me! I was just wondering if it is "safe" to set up the e-commerce as you have done and then apply a child theme to the site later for more customizations on the design? Will that interfere with anything on the site? Thank you so much for your help! Best 🙂

  4. Hi Hogan, how do I go about adding a subscription based payment method for products? e.g. monthly – or perhaps there is a tutorial you reccomend?

  5. hey hogan for whatever reason i don't have a display button under the products tab in woocommerce. is this because of an update or something? please help

  6. Hey Hogan, sorry to bust your chops again..but i've got a another question…
    We have a product with 3 different variables…like ie: Macadamia Oil it can be refined or unrefined can come in

    1L/5L/20L and all have different pricing….how do i compensate for that…or am i stuck with separating the refined from the unrefined??

  7. at around 37:11 when i check exclude site logo, my menus dissapear. When I uncheck it, the menus come back. The top nav menu

  8. Thank you so much for this video it was very helpful for me !!!
    I have a problem with the logo of paypal in the page of every product. can you please tell me hot to resolve this problem ?

  9. hi, Hogan great videos! I learnt a lot from u 🙂 one thing I wanna know. How to create a credit card payment getaway?

  10. The woocommerce Featured products and category dont work. I can't edit those blocks and I cant choose what product the feature will show. I follow all the instructions in the video please help me.

  11. Hello Hogan, Please Advice, which theme did this guys use? https://www.geciclaw.com/ I Like The Effect of this website

  12. Hi Hogan,
    Is it possible to adjust the language? So the customers can choose from 2 different languages.

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  14. Very insightful and I appreciate the help! I am falling back a bit with all of these technologies popping up and recently switched to Shopify from Woocomerce. Hired a freelance agency to help me out with management and designs, and it was really cheap. I rather pay off for something than waste my time lol. If you need a consultation, reach out to them: https://pinko.media

  15. Thanks for making this useful video! I was wondering if it is possible to integrate an existing erp system (Ecount ERP) with woocommmerce?

  16. Hi, Hogan
    I have encountered a problem with the woocommerce plugin when I drag and drop it doesn't edit when I attempt it. Please, what can I do?

  17. Hi Hogun! Thank you very much for this tutorial, it's awesome!

    I've recently dowloaded the files that you post here. I have a problem when i try to use the WooCommerce module for showing the products on the home page.

    I drag it to a row but then I'm not able to edit it. It doesn't apear anything on the WooComerce or Styling tabs. Do you know what's the problem?

    I already read (and done) the coments where you said
    "Id recommend 3 things:

    1. Try using another browser i.e Chrome

    2. Clear your history, cache and cookies, retest the builder

    3. Disable/deactivate all your other plug-ins, retest."
    Thanks again!

  18. Hi..I followed this tutorial to make my website. Bought and hosted a domain on Hostgator and installed WP. It's been 24 hrs and the site is still under construction. Could you please help me?

  19. The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

    it always pop up after i install the theme, thanks in advance

  20. I am not able to add featured products to my site

    I could drag woocommerce widget to my page but the setting appear empty
    can you help me to solve that???

  21. First, thank you so much for such a wonderfully helpful tutorial! I have made it pretty far into the website building but I have an issue I can’t seem to figure out. My contact page has a the “wishlist” logo on the bottom of it and it won’t seem to let me delete it. Also, my wishlist icon at the top right is connected to my contact page instead of a wishlist page? Maybe you can take a look girlatseaJewelry.com. Very much appreciate the help!!

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  23. Hi Hogan,

    this is a great Video thanks for sharing.

    I am strugglling to add a free product on my site using this theme .

    so if a customer buys a specific product they automatically get this other one for free. Any idea on how I can do that.

  24. I think there is a problem on WooCommerce styling while trying to change the style from builder (for example to define how many featured products will appear on the home screen). There are no settings while i try to customize it as you did. Is it possible any of the plugins to mess it up? Thank you for this great tutorial though it was really helpful! I'd appreciate it if i could get a reply on the styling of WooCommerce module as it is really important for me! Thank you in advance!

  25. Hi! your video is very useful.
    Please make a guide about how to edit mega menu, I want when customer hover on top menu and hover to sub menu, they show products in each categories ( with image and name, not only the text ). Thank you

  26. Hello Hogan!!

    First of all, thanks for your videos, I love them!! I have made a lot of websites following your tutorias!!
    I have two questions, I'm working on this eCommerce website: https://theclassicwardrobe.com/shop/ , the thing is that when you are in the "shop" page there is this button under my products that supposed to be the "Add to cart" button but it says select options because I'm selling products with variations. My problem is that when you click this button an animation with the photography starts and I don't like it. I tried to find and option in all the settings to disable it or change it, but I could not find it. Is there a way to chage or disable this animation?
    The other question is: Is there a way to change the "cart" Icon?

    Thanks for all, keep helping the world like you are doing it.
    Grettings from Tijuana!!

  27. I built a ecommerce website by closely following your instruction. However, search engines donot seem to find my website and its been more than a month. Could you please take a look of it and perhaps give a hint of why search engine could not find my website. https://www.chemicalsupplies.com.au

  28. Hi Hogan
    great video, any suggestions for using a particular type of cart wit my Nab transact gatway with woocommerce? or does this normally include the cart? cheers and great work

  29. Hello Hogun! This seems like an incredible tutorial and I would really go for it but since it is a little bit older I would like to ask one thing first:
    Is it still completely free except for the domain? And could I start trying it out with a free domain and then later buy a domain if everything works like I would like to?
    Thank you very much in advance and have a great weekend!

  30. Hi Hogan. I was wondering if there is a way to specify cash on delivery being available to a certain location not to everyone. Thank you.

  31. Hi! I'm needing a website where only consultants can purchase from so that it's not open to the public. Customers must go through a consultant to shop. Is that possible through this video?

  32. Hello, I have a very specific question. How do you change the color that appears when you hover over the Icons in the left hand corner of the header? (Shopping cart Icon, Wishlist Icon and the My account Icon) By default they have this gold looking color when you hoover over them and I would really like to change it. Thank you in advance.

  33. Thank you for this “How to…” tutorial.
    I have a problem when I updated Themify Framework to 4.6.1
    Builder WooCommerce plugin will not work properly.
    Main problem is when you put woocommerce widgets on pages you don’t have access to edit them.

    I don’t find way to fix all that I just reinstalled Themify so it will be without updated framework and all is working just fine.

    I am guessing that you I need some up to date Builder WooCommerce.

    Themify and WooCommerce I took from your video description.

    If you have any solution that works with updated Themify framework, please share.

    Best regards.

  34. Thanks for the great tutorial. I am having an issue with my logo not appearing on my shop page. How do I fix this?

  35. My mother said, she thinks you are very handsome. You probably have a lot of brothers because your eyebrows are nice.

  36. Hey can i use this to create a 1 page product site? (funnel) i mean its a 2 and a half hour video so just want to know before watching lol.

  37. Another thing, I want to point out that my future Clothing Line/Brand, and from looking at the definition of eCommerce, what I want doesn’t necessarily fit into the criteria. I want to be able to start off small, and then grow it to the point where I have my own stores distributed across the globe, similar to how high-end designers and street wear stores have it. So… would I follow these steps to get a good start?

  38. Please I've lost access to my site. I was trying to setup my SSL by clearing my SSL caches from my browser because the "really simple SSL " plugin wouldn't work on my site. After activation, I got an error message saying that really simple ssl couldn't detect any certificate "

    Now i can't access both my site's control panel or viewers page.  The error i get is that "your connection is not private" .

    Here's a link to the site.

    Please advice on what to do. 


  39. Hi Hogan, thanks for this. Can you have a look at the image height on this page and let me know why I can't seem to make the image less tall?


    I'm not a fan of customers having to scroll to click the buy now button. I've followed all your instructions for reducing the product image width but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I've also tried having very little text on the short description but this didn't help either. Thanks.William

  40. Thank you Hogan for such a detailed tutorial. Nobody does it like you. Is there such thing as creating a catalog with variable prices for weight? Can a catalog be changed to a shopping page later? How might it be done? Thank you.

  41. Amazing content Hogan! Your tutorial is crisp, highly detailed, and straight to the point! You helped me with making my website by a huge mile!
    If it's too much to ask, may I contact you somehow and we can have a small chat? I'd love to gain just a bit of your insight if you can spare the time.

    Thanks for helping a brother out and keep the content coming!

  42. Hi Hogan. Great tutorial! Ive followed it so far but have become stuck trying to do the featured products on my home page. When I've dragged the woocommerce into the row, I do not get the options box pop up like you do. when i select the woocommerce bit, the options come up but under woocommerce they are totally blank so i cannot do anything with it. I've tried using widgets instead but it doesn't look too good and I've uninstalled and reinstalled the woocommerce builder but it is exactly the same. I've tried editing via pages rather than builder and its the same. Is there anyway you can take a look somehow? is there another way of doing it if not and ill try that. Thanks!

  43. Hello, Hogan! Thank you very much for your clear tutorials. I have followed your instruction and find it very easy to understand. I have one question on how to add a text module. I just finished adding the image background onto my web, but I didn't see a row for adding the text like what you just did with "eCommerce" in a video "How to Create an eCommerce Website (Online Store) in WordPress for Beginners 2019! (1:01:22 / 2:32:10)" Please kindly let me know how. Appreciate your kind assistance. Pim

  44. goodmorning Hogan. I got a problem with woocommerce. It is the part where you set the featured products to the homepage (starts at 1:28:15). You drag the woocommerce module on the page and get a pop up with the settings, but when i do it, it shown nothing. Could you please help me?! (could you maybe send your email, so i can send you screamshots. I suppose that it would make it a bit more clear).

  45. Hello Hogan… thanks as always for your tutorials. I've been following step by step with some variation. Couldn't have done any of it without closely watching.
    This happened when I got to change from full width to sidebar on the left: https://youtu.be/LlaIlz77Bu8 (screen video, 28s)

  46. Hi Hogan,thanks for the video, it was very informative! BTW, do you still have the creating mega menu session?

  47. Hello Hogan, my shop page is messy. It is because of the images sizes vary. How can I have it resize to a uniform size? here's a screenshot from snaggy, as you showed me how… https://snag.gy/7afhdE.jpg

  48. I keep getting thhis error when I try to upload the theme file can someone help pls

    The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

  49. such a useful tutorial. Thank you sooo much!!! my woo commerce icon doesn't work when I drop it in the box for "featured items/ on home screen. It doesn't do anything… how can I fix it? Thank you in advance.

  50. While you're here. If you want to add Apple Pay & Google Pay to your site in a single install, checkout https://buytecheckout.com

  51. When I go to type in a domain with host Gator it is always taken, but when I go to the URL there is no website. I think Hostgator buys the domain and then tries and resells it to you for a much higher price. I think going to GoDaddy is the best way to go, and then put it into host gator for hosting.

  52. this really changed my life and all those hours of work you put into that tutorial till this day is helping people. you deserve every view and then some!

  53. Hi, Hogan, I have a problem with creating check out page. I created the icon of it but when I click that icon it goes back to the home page and I can not go to the checkout page.
    Please help me
    Thank you

  54. Hi, Your video has helped me alot with developing my own webshop. There is just one problem. I cannot change the image size settings, so my images are blurry. When I go to Woocommerce > settings > products there are only three tabs: general, inventory and downloadable products. But the display option is not there?! Do you know how to solve this? Thanks, Maartje

  55. hey there Hogan i know this is a old video but the products are not showing up on my home page, even when i add the woocommer module. can you help?

  56. Amazing video.

    I have a problem though. An SSL is not detected when I need to activate it after installing really simple SSL. Anyone know why?

  57. Hello Hogan Chua,I have been trying to open an e commerce website for sometime now but I am having a serious challenge which is on the side of money to host and but plugins. I am from Nigeria, I have tried a lot of ways which I tried using a free hosting and grew domain but the hosting company will always closed the store, please is there any way you can help with hosting or alidropship plugin. Thank you

  58. Hello Hogan Chua, when I add additional services to my website on HostGator, there is no domain protection. Is that a problem.

    Many thanks

  59. How do I transfer my domain from Namecheap to hostgator? Step by step please. I have an autho code, but what do I do with it?

  60. Hello hogan. I'm currently following this guide. Considering it was uploaded 2 years ago, alot has changed. I'm currently stuck at resizing hero image on worppress to full display

  61. Hello hogan. I'm currently following this guide. Considering it was uploaded 2 years ago, alot has changed. I'm currently stuck at resizing hero image on worppress to full display

  62. Hey. Thanks to yuour excellent tutorial i have had a working ecommerce site running for the last 10 months.
    However my Themify shoppe is version 1.3.5 and wont update without a license key.
    The same applies to Builder WooCommerce. Should i bother updating these?

  63. Thank you very much Hogan for this video , I have problem , I can see only blank window in woocommerce module setting , I tied to change I e to chrome and delete all history kookies as you said in some reply . but no result . what I need is to make each page different products family .thanks

  64. It always pissed me off how shopify wouldn't let me move or add things without going into code. This is a game changer. Thanx so much!

  65. Hi good day. Great tutorial and really informative. I had a question in regards to the themify themes. Are those themes a one time purchase or is would i have to purchase it yearly?

  66. Hi Hogun. I downloaded your Theme but i could not upload it. It says 'The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme installation failed.


  67. I've installed the wordpress but it won't load, even after waiting for the suggested 15mins. It's been 2 hours and is still displaying the same message:

    Request forbidden by administrative rules.

    Please help

  68. Hello Hogan,
    I'm so near to launch the website… https://snipboard.io/AO06Zu.jpg
    there is a nuisance with my shop page. everything sticks to the sides with no spaces at all (not guutters, gutters are ok) and that makes it look bad. can you please help with this part?

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