How to Create Free Website with Free Domain Free Hosting Service

learn how to create a free website a
step-by-step guide directly to create your own website combining personal or small projects on type a name for your project and if
available you can register has a free domain name when the name is available we jump to
this page and here we going to use our name
servers that will paste later on we define the registration length and next after we pass this picture
control we going to need a hosting service we can host are
free domain type your free domain your personal or
nickname an email address and your password capture words agree to the Terms of
Service click to create and then go to your email address to
confirm your account now go to control panel in view account details we going to copy name servers then we jumped back to and we going to paste this name
servers and now we can register our free domain an email address and click Next enter your freedom, email and password to
add this domain name to your account you can log in now to manage this domain name go to my domains and click to
manage domain and in manage tools is where you change the
nameservers now back to our hosting service controll panel we need to create MySQL
database type a database name a username and a
password copy this details to the clipboard or elsewhere you
will need this info for instance if you install a content
management system like WordPress to paste into the WP config file now the issue here is the name servers
to propagate could take up to 48 hours to take effect
just be patient when ready you will see a page like this
it’s the default.php file you find this file inside the public
html directory of your website if you go to File Manager in Control
Panel or from an FTP program navigate to the public folder and you’ll
see this file there you will need to delete or assign different name because we wanted
different default page the one from our website we already said a free domain name
order a hosting service renamed the name servers create the
database but we still have to create or transfer
the content of the website so we going to use a content management
system like WordPress the most practical way to do this is
uploading WordPress folders and files to the host server on script auto installer download from then unzip the WordPress I’ll and upload all files and
directories inside the WordPress folder to the FTP public folder on your server and wait until the upload is completed when it’s done, return the website address in your browser and
refresh the page now choose the language and continue and now is where we need the details of
MySQL database to edit the WP config.php file go to your hosting Control Panel MySQL
database details and paste that info into this page leave the table prefix as it is hit submit and continue since you already upload we just need feel this last information
needed type a site title a username password email and then login welcome to WordPress now if it is the first time you are creating a website with
WordPress I can assure you it is not as difficult as you might
think give it a try you can also search for
WordPress tutorials that will help you with your enquiries
and questions if you enjoy this video and if was
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  1. Thanks friend. I already make the website. I give 5 star for u !! One more question. Is that possible i use my website to register google adsense ?

  2. can some one  tel me how to upload the word press from window 7 i can't upload it please i need help i'm stack on there  thank you

  3. thanks for tut its very briefly explained can u please continue next part how to i change theme its getting error after changing them i manually update theme but getting error please show me how to do that ?

  4. Thanks! I finally have a running website, now I need to make the whole design… only 😀 BTW I see many people having problems with uploading wordpress (including me), it's probably because you can't upload the folders- you can make the 3 folders wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes to ZIP files and it will automatically unzip them after uploading.

  5. Hi, in 02:07 why u change the name servers? it is already ns01…. should we change it? and into which name? Thanks

  6. thanks !!! i created it …. i was struggled in uploading wordpress , so i used filezilla aplication

  7. For some reason I can't access my site from any apple products. I've tried on my MacBook and iPhone and the site won't show. However, when I tried on my work PC, it shows its up and running just fine. Is there something I'm missing?

  8. How can I make a freenom account? It does not have an option to make a new account, only log in for old users.

  9. hello sir i am glad to your suggestion  for my problem but i am unable to upload the WordPress files after opening public html i have chosen file bt its not uploading can you tell me is threre any way to upload to ftp except the filezilla

  10. Very Helpful Information Provided, Thank You. I will be sharing this video tutorial with my friends. (",).  I have used this exact method in creating my own business website, at  (",)

  11. mysql wont work ill make the database and username but the password doesnt work it just keeps sayin gi need to change it

  12. Hi can you help me out with the freenom website? its sayis that all of the "free domains are not availabe " and just giving me the payed ones …

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  14. Mam since last 5-year RedServerhost also quite popular in hosting market. can you explain in a video about them?

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