How To Create MASSIVE AUTHORITY With Your Homepage Copy

You asked for it, so here it is… my 6-step
formula for writing a website homepage that creates trust, conversions and massive authority. Hey guys, it’s Alex and this week I am sharing
another proven copywriting formula with you… And this time it’s all about that HOMEPAGE
COPY. Now this video is in response to many of your
requests so I do hope you find it helpful! And guys, keep those suggestions coming! I pay attention to every single one of your
comments and personally respond to as many of them as possible! So, whether you’re writing copy for your
own website, or you’re sprucing up a home page for a client, you want to make sure to
GET IT RIGHT. Because even though your homepage may not
be that “high-converting money page” in a direct response marketing sorta way, it’s
where people go when they want to know more about you and what you do. So think about it… You may be scrolling through Instagram and
see a brand name or a person that you want to know more about, so what do you do? You Google ’em. Or maybe you’re on Facebook and you see
and ad in your feed for a free e-course. And you click, because it’s a great ad,
but the resulting landing page is setup for nothing more than lead generation with minimal
information about the brand BEHIND the course. So, what do you do? You click on over to the home page. Or, maybe you’re at a networking event and
you give someone your business card, or someone visits your profile on Linked In, or you reach
out to a potential new client. All of these are all ways ORGANIC traffic
will come to your website and if you’re not addressing what a potential customer or
client needs to know QUICKLY, chances are you will lose them forever. So the goal of your homepage is simple. It’s to create trust, build authority and
offer next steps! It’s your public image, which is why I like
to refer to your homepage as your PR page! It’s public relations at its finest… Your homepage is often the first thing your
prospects see when they come to your website… So you gotta make that first impression count. According to MarTech Today, a company’s
homepage accounts for up to 50% of a sites total page views. And Crazy Egg, another website optimization
source, estimates that you only have one minute to get visitors to stick around! So, you need to professionally and clearly
communicate the what, the who, the where, the when, the why and the how of your business… Or that of your clients… ASAP. Now, before I dive into my 6-step formula
for writing an authority boosting homage, I do want to set a couple of things straight. What I’m talking about today is your HOMEPAGE,
not an About Page or a Landing Page. Your About Page is separate from your Homepage
and is where you expand on your background, your company history, your values, your mission
and/or your team. It’s where all that stuff goes that’s
important, but not need-to-know-right-away for your ideal prospect. So think of your homepage as your “elevator
pitch” about who you are and what you do and your About Page is where people can go
for the full story. Now a Landing Page, on the other hand, is
designed to receive direct traffic from a very specific source, like an ad or an email. Hence the word “landing”. Landing pages are conversion tools and focus
on a singular call-to-action. They are built for paid traffic campaigns,
promotional pages and lead generation and aren’t necessarily designed to be permanent
pages in your site’s main navigation. Unlike your homepage, which acts as a permanent
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sure to hit that little bell icon to be notified of when my next tutorial goes live, and let
me be the first to say, welcome to the Copy Posse! Alright, let’s get into it. Here are my 6 steps for writing your homepage
copy! Now each one comes in the form of a question
you must address in the minds of your ideal website visitor… Yes, while your website visitors wanna know
who you are, what they really care about is what you can do for them! The header section that appears on your homepage,
above the fold, is the most important part of your homepage. This is what determines whether someone stays
and scrolls, or bounces on out of there…. The best header copy clearly states your business
or brand name, and your unique selling proposition. Do not, and I repeat do not, write “Welcome
To Our Website”! If you’re planning to use your home page
to capture leads, this is also a great section to plug in a call-to-action button! A great header example is Shopify Partners,
which uses their headline and subheadline to convey a powerful benefit and quickly summarizes
what they can do for you. And, don’t forget to include other elements
in your header that are focal to your brand, such as your logo and a clear, and easy-to-navigate
menu. If you want to see 10 more brands that are
absolutely nailing it with their homepage header copy, check out my video right here
on 10 Brands With A Killer Slogan. Okay next up. Your prospects will ask… So in other words — what makes you different? How did you get here, what’s your mission,
why are you the one that can help me? Somewhere on your homepage, include a short
description about you and your story to create trust and relatability. Now, more than ever, people are looking for
businesses they can relate to. This is especially important if you’re writing
copy for a personality based-brand. You can do this through a short bio, like
what Marie Forleo did on her homepage. Or you could do a quick dive into your origin
story to be real about your journey, like my friend Connor Beaton, empowerment coach
and founder of ManTalks, did on his home page. If you’re not writing copy for a personality-based
brand, you can use this copy to share the company’s mission and values. Like this awesome example by Mindvalley where
they clearly state their mission of changing the world’s education system. Ok, so now that you’ve gotten your audience’s
attention with your USP and mission, it’s time to answer the third question… It’s important that your homepage builds
trust and credibility. So showcase as much social proof as you can! These authority elements can include client
testimonials, media appearances, press coverage, or featuring any notable brands you’ve worked
with. A great example of this is author Brene Brown’s
homepage, which is sprinkled with loads of social proof – from podcasts she’s been
on, to her Netflix special, to her media appearances, to her best-selling books. Now, of course, we’re not all Netflix
stars with people like Oprah backing us up, but you get the idea. If you or your client don’t have these credibility
boosters just yet, you can link to your social media accounts to showcase following size,
or at the very least demonstrate that you’re active across all social media platforms which
gives your business more visibility and therefore credibility. And, no matter what guys, please ALWAYS make
sure it’s fact-checked and authentic, okay? Alright, moving along to the next question
on everyone’s mind… Many brands and businesses make the mistake
of leaving this critical information elsewhere on their site, like an About page or a dedicated
work with me page. While it’s still a good idea to still have
these two pages, don’t take the risk of having someone bounce off before they have
even the slightest idea about what your service is or what you do. Even if you’ve mentioned it briefly on other
parts of your homepage, make sure to have a section that clearly summarizes your work
or your unique offer… And convey the benefits that this will provide. Tribe47, a digital marketing agency, does
a really clever job of this on their website with a “Why” section that both establishes
how they work and the benefits a client will experience by working with them, followed
by a little section with their services. Ok, so now that you’ve got that covered,
it’s time to answer the question… Don’t make people guess next steps! Let them know how to get in touch with you,
experience your product, or potentially work with you! If you do have a lead capture on your homepage,
make sure that it is visible at multiple points throughout your copy. So don’t just rely on a single call to action
at the header or the footer. You can feature it midway on your homepage. Or use a floating signup bar in a way that
doesn’t disturb your visitors… A great tool that I’ve seen before is hellobar. It allows you to add a subtle and slick call
to action banner on your site – similar to this one Marie uses on her site to share a
CTA to her new book. If you aren’t capturing leads, or featuring
a sale, launch or program, you can simply suggest your visitors contact you, say
for a quote, a call or a strategy session via a contact form. It all depends on your brand and your business,
but here’s a tip… Your CTA should be highly relevant to the
USP you specified in your header copy. Ok so now we’re down to our last question… Ultimately, the goal of your homepage is to
turn those lurkers into leads! You want to keep your ideal customers on your
website or in your brand’s ecosystem… So, your homepage needs to make it really
easy for your audience to visit other parts on your site. This could be done by linking your homepage
to other featured pages on your website, like your About Page, Work With Me Page, and Blog. Sharing your social media and content platforms
is also a great way to get your visitors to explore your brand. So make sure you have visible icons or plug-ins
on your homepage to make it easy for all of them to connect and engage with you say on,
FaceBook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, if you’re active on those sites. My buddy Mark Groves, founder of Create The
Love, does a great job of this. He showcases his recent activity on his homepage
which includes a link to his latest free training, events, blog posts, podcasts, and his social
networks. Alright, so those are the 6 questions you
need to answer to create massive authority with your homepage copy. But the most important tip of all guys… Keep it short and sweet! Home pages are meant to be punchy. You want to use powerful and precise wording
to get your message across in the shortest way possible! Got it? Give me a thumbs up below if you found this
video helpful and here’s another video you can check out next on how to write a landing
page! As always, guys thank you so much for watching
and subscribing! Until next week, I’m Alex. Ciao for now!

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