74 Replies to “How to Find Out If Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Cheating”

  1. How To loose your boyfriend of girlfriend

    One of my mates girlfriends went to those sort of lengths as she thought he was cheating, turns out he wasn't, when he found out, he dumped her for acting like a psycho bitch.

    Nice work howcast.

  2. Yeah, the title could've been changed to how to spy on someone, next step: Hidden cams and microphones and hiring a detective.

  3. Wow besides being regular old bad advice some of this advice is illegal as well. Between this vid and the "how to keep your feet warm" video i definitely see lawsuits in howcast's future,lol.

  4. @rothaga2 If you do it with the intent to spy on someone, yes. It qualifies as invasion of privacy. Do I think cheaters deserve to get caught? Yes. Unfortunately the law is complicated.

  5. this video should be called "how to stalk your unfaithful girlfriend/boyfriend.", meaning you have been driven yourself so far into a shitty relationship that you are now dating someone who no longer loves you.

    there are better personal support sources than seemingly lighthearted howcast videos, and I suggest you seek them before the internet.


  6. I reccomend this video be reviewed and deleted from this channel, regardless of the inherent effort required to produce it.

    all others who agree with me, please post comments. condoning spying and other covert tactics is a very surprising suggestion from an innocent and inspirational group such as Howcast, and other such channels.

  7. for some reason this video bothered me. if your first thought of finding out if they're cheating is to put spyware on their computer, then just leave! i usually find these videos hilariously stupid but this one is just a bit too much.

  8. How to know if your significant other is cheating-MADE EASY!

    Can your man get a hotter girl than you? Yes=He's cheating.

    Can your woman get a richer man than you?
    Yes=She's cheating.

  9. the video didnt seem to match up with the narrator cuz when she said install spyware the woman in the vid was like wtf !!! U spyin on me bitch!!!! 😛

  10. You will need "a nagging suspicion"
    Step one: leave you boyfriend/girlfriend

    Lol whats next? "how to cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend without getting caught"

  11. Your not a good boyfriend/girlfriend if your partner is cheating. Honestly, if they need to see other people to stay happy your not doing a good job at keeping them happy.

  12. @DjPyro2010 Thats the biggest load of bull i've ever heard. There is no excuse for cheating. If you're not happy in a relationship and you don't have the balls to end it properly with that person then you don't deserve to be with someone in the first place. And I'm not aiming this at you directly, mostly to my friend's now EX boyfriend and to any other cheaters lol.

  13. I just found out my husband is/was cheating on me with his ex-girlfriend/friend of the family. It is killing me so bad and what makes it worse is we have a 11 month old son. I feel like my heart is falling to bit and I am afraid to cry. She was supposed to be my friend and well I must be the biggest dummy in the world. I need word of encouragement so bad.

  14. U dont need that pile of shit u stay strong and dont take that lying piece of shit bk because he will want u bk sayin it was a mistake but if he dun it once he can do it again. One thing though dont stop him from seein his boy u dont want ur son 2 suffer do ya.

  15. wow i live 3 states away from my soon to be wife and shes been acting verry strang every scens i told her i was comeing home.

  16. Not if the computer is in your home and in texas, if your together longer than 6 months and share a bank acc and a few other interest your common law married. So you can install a keylogger on a commonly owned computer! haha

  17. if your boyfriend cheating again , i'll tell you how to catch your cheating lover
    just go to –> catchacheat(.)com good luck 😉

  18. I think my girl cheating she had a dating site meet me.com and had single on it looking for guy 19 -25 i talk to her about that she say it is a game BS now2 mouths later she on tweeter with team# single! Like wtf

  19. Please i need someones help , im a very jeleous person over my boyfriend 🙁 i hate it when he talks to other girls or even looks at them, and i reaaallly hate it when he watches porn or films with nudity in it he has promised not to do it again but i dont know whether to believe him , when he is at home he can do anything he wants and i dont know! i just cry when he watches other people being sluts and wankes to it !!!!! it really pisses me off :@;@ and hes only 14 !!

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