How to get a Free Professional web hosting for lifetime.

okay hello everyone today I will show
important think for you to get a free professional hosting okay for this
you have to purchase a premium domain like dot-com or dotnet type domain okay
you can purchase it from GoDaddy it’s very cheap I have taken a domain from
GoDaddy it took me only one dollar and 17 cents maybe okay this is an
.xyz domain its okay I have taken it
from GoDaddy so for that you have to you need a premium domain okay they the
system all the different site will not keep you there are premium they’re
hosting without premium domain okay so for premium professional free hosting you
have to go then you have to do sign up okay there is a link below in
my video description please take it to go to the site it’s my
referral link okay then you have to order click on order now this is the
link I will provide the bit like me okay that’s copy now to go test and go now
you’ll get good okay this is the bitly link I have
created now you have to click on sign up okay then you have to pay for order now
here you have to type your premium domain name of it like I have taken back
it web then you have to click on use okay required not excited used in there
is domain name provided and actually I already taken so it’s showing like that
okay let’s try it come here you have to give her domain
name okay then you have to click on checkout then they will ask your
information first name last name email address phone number billing details you
have to provide your origin all details which I have given on your domain
patches okay see postcode EGC okay then you have to
tell how you find them equal Facebook Google friend Oh able to talk other
search engine okay you can tell Google Facebook you see no problem then you
have two most important thing they ask you the Facebook page like okay you have
to like their face and your Facebook profile URL like your Facebook profile
URL my world this one you have to prove it to verify that you have lightly their
Facebook page okay this one okay like then improve your Facebook profile site
content you can you have to tell them hot type of content you will put in your
site okay then password and confirm password
then you have to give additional note why you are you wonderful still okay
then you can tell them as that hello I have to starter take letter blog or
something how do you want to start okay then I I have got your reference from
one of my friend or you can tell me that I got a reference from YouTube okay
he told your service is very good to convince them okay also like your
Facebook page this is very important okay
you have to like their Facebook page okay and then you have to accept the
terms and conditions and click called complete order okay after completing
order completing order will create a email
then music an email and you have to confront
the email okay after that you have to login to your real account okay then you
have to open a ticket to tell them that you have purchased your domain and you
want their free hosting then to open the ticket you have to click on new account
then you have to add subject like new account the Department of new account
related service when you will create or signup you give a domain amid you will
see this okay then you have to select the related service tell you have to
tell the message like this Sam I would have preferred that hello I have to
start something like a website I have got a result like this then you had to
attach a screenshot of their Facebook like to tell them that you have like
there so that you have like their Facebook page this is the update okay even then you
have to take a screenshot that you have liked it
okay then you attach the file okay after that they will reply the ticket and will
ask you are you the owner of the domain may they asked your GoDaddy – go to
screenshot or something like this then they will approve you okay it’s very
good hosting it’s free account no charges and they provide email
accounts file manager canto of Saturn domain one click the new one three four
five one three site installer like what place you can use anything
it’s very good escape but you have to follow their rules and regulation okay
and you copy content or anything on his primetime site you cannot host to their
site of it that was think so that’s it okay if you liked the video please give
like comment and share thank you

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