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  1. this was so helpful! I am trying to add photos and logo but theme options is missing under appearance. how do I get this back?

  2. My drop down menu links, made using menu custom links, are very sensitive. They disappear to quickly or need repeated attempts until I get properly redirected. Any way to adjust?

  3. The most complete training for free on how to setup a blog.
    Awesome tutorial that explains the super high view count 2 thumbs up
    from me and a like:)

  4. What if you create a sub category under a parent category and you want to include that in the URL? Can you and how would you write the code for that URL referencing the parent category like "My Game Reviews" and the sub category to that parent being "Indie Games".

  5. Thank you Veeeeery Much!
    Not finished yet but have some questions:

    1- I didn't find Theme options in my WP

    2- Is it possible to creat a blog and do not interfere at index. I mean creat and then (after finished) launch the website?

    3- Is it possible to make same site and then export to another domain name?

    Best regards

  6. Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial. Turned out to be a beautiful blog!!! i love your teaching style

  7. Thank you so much for the great video, can You please tell , why it doesn't show the texts when i post, it seams i do everything right , what can be the cause ?

  8. Hi! I really want to make my own blog, however I do not feel like it is worth paying every month for me to keep a website. Is there any way I can create my own blog with my own domain?

  9. I have recently buy hostgator baby package and I installed wordpress in it and it has also give me link to wp and username and password but when I click on link it say me that it doesn't exist.please guide me

  10. Love your video. It is clear and helped a great deal. I have one problem now. My media pics no longer show on the home page for my posts. They show in the post but now only show a blank box on the home page. It used to work but now does not. Please help.

  11. Hi
    How are you
    I'm trying to do a website for my friend who just opened a restaurant . His idea is he need to to a website that takes orders online with options let's say I want a plate this plate he needs to have two sides with it and the customer should choice from the sides he need to add like let's say soap or salad or fries with the order . Do you have any idea on which theme or have video of this kind ?? I already got him the domain and the hosting just need to see if you got any information about this kind

    Tired to email you but it's not working send me an email please

  12. thalia -This has the potential to be very helpful. However, at present, I am stuck because my domain was purchased somewhere else. When I get into the host gator c-panel I only see themes to purchase. So it seems, I will be spending a lot of money to set up this blog.  The directions are a bit different on this new host gator site as well.  I am in worse state than I was.  Not your fault just things are not the same as this tutorial and I still am not blogging even though I spent half a day about 5 hours working on getting set up.

  13. love your vids learned alot question? how to i change the powered by word press at the bottom of this theme? i went in my editor click on footer .php but still cant find the code to that says powered by word press to remove. help plz!!

  14. Absolutely AWESOME training video. Very well explained and easy to follow. Great work and thank you!!!

  15. Hello Michael. Thank you again for this wonderful video tutorial. I hope you'll reply to this comment. I have been wondering if there is a way to add new posts to a drop down menu without having to go back and adding them indented under the menu item or category, on the main menu as you did at about the 1 minute mark in the video. I truly appreciate the time you put in making these video-tutorials, and at answering our questions.
    May God bless you for this service.

  16. Hi .. i added contact form but when i sent an email … its going wrong . i am taking this message " Sorry, email message could not be delivered. "

  17. hey please help me, i have just install travelify themes from wordpress for my blog, but themes option is not there. please help me how to add this option.

  18. Hello, I need help with Theme Options plugin. I downloaded but seem different as compare to this video, can you help plz?
    Otherwise great video and I founded it very help. thxs…

  19. sir, how will I make a new post without deleting the previous ones, secondly how will I put a direct download files into my posts #once a visitors click will automatically start downloading. And lastly manage such files (videos photos and more) on my website.

  20. In the new WordPress version it does not appear the "Themes Option". Instead it appears "Mojo Themes". How can I now install a slider Themes?

  21. I get to appearances ok…I have a Themes tag but not a Theme OPTIONS! I am unable to use the social media thing…can anyone help?

  22. Everything worked as shown on video except when I tried making the slide feature. For some reason, my travelify theme didn't have the theme options tab available so I had to go to customize. However, the images and text did not display as shown in the video. Some test was above the top menu bar and the image was duplicated.

    Also, I would like to include a tag line under my logo but there was no way to do that. You have to pick image or text only. So I ended up with a lot of white space around my logo.

    I have a much better understanding after watching. Thanks!

  23. Hi, can you please show me how to set up social locker in WordPress, please. thank Edward (the WP tutorial is absolutely great) Ta

  24. Awesome tutorials. Desiring no questions as you follow the directives. Most fascinating, is the response given when further inquiries are made. Thumbs Up for eMediaCoach!

  25. When you tried to create pages or blogs, it was very confused the difference between posts and pages because you did it very quick. I did not realize the difference. When you created sidebar, it seems that was created automatcally in all posts at the same time. How to make it apart?

  26. Very interesting video, I must appreciate you so much for sharing. Through this tutorial, I `ve been able to transfer my Blog from Blogger to WordPress and everything is working well – except.
    However, I noticed that the FEATURE IMAGE is not showing on the Home page and each time i tried setting it up , I receive this remark "SEO issue: The featured image should be at least 200 by 200 pixels to be picked up by Facebook and other social media sites." – no matter the size of the image -the pixel.
    What should I do to get this resolved please?
    Best Regards.

  27. Hello there, I launched my blog site using this theme but there is a problem. The menu bar is not appearing in the mobile version but it is absolutely okay with the web version. Please help!

  28. am using this theme and i cant same to remove the footer credits no matter what i do is their a way to remove it? is it possible for you to do a short video on this?

  29. Sir I too am very HAPPY that I found your instructions, "How to Make a Blog-Step by Step-2015." When it comes to web designing, blog creating and etc, you are definitely one of the best I've watch online. So thank you so much! Because of you, I can now make my blog regarding my interest in law! You rock!!!

  30. Sir i am facing problem during clicking on recent post in slidebar and on clicking read more button in post.
    The error is this:-
    Bad reqauest!
    Error 400 localhost-apache/2.4.29(window32) OpenSSL/1.0.21PHP/5.6.32

  31. Necropost: Best instructional Blog I have come across. It's not so much the blog that was made but this gave me more of an understanding, as in I had that famous aha moment when things click. Like I know I could use a different template without instruction and find my way around. I would still use Google as a tool for references. However, this is the only one that did it for me So thanks +1 To think it's from 2015, glad you changed the title to 2018, still very relevant.

  32. Mr @eMediaCoach
    , I love your video, it has been a great help, i always come back to it if i frgot anything regarding wordpress, thank you so much, i hope you never delete this video, thank you again

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