6 Replies to “How To Make a WordPress eCommerce Website (Online Store) at SiteGround – 2020”

  1. 100s of people come to me every month to build an online store. It's tough and you're not alone. Big E-commerce brands charge fees and coding from scratch takes forever. So I made this video to show you how to make an ecommerce website with SiteGround and WordPress. I use it every day and believe this is the future of e-commerce. So, what will you sell me? 🙂

  2. Hi Guys! Quick Update – SiteGround watched our video and they said your best choice is to go with a GrowBig or GoGeek plan if you want to build an online store because of 2 reasons: caching and PCI compliance. So while we setup a StartUp plan here because it's a great deal, you should get these other plans for any ecommerce website you are starting. SiteGround is all about high quality performance and our happiness. For blogs and websites without ecommerce, StartUp is still best! Thanks!!

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