65 Replies to “How To Publish Your Website For FREE”

  1. Credit goes to you sir 🙂 You motivated and inspired me to work on this.

    By the way, did you noticed that I was reading from my DIY telepromoter?

  2. Actually I took your advice of using a teleprompter since I am very weak at memorizing lines. So I build a mirror reflection based teleprompter. It is actually helping me gain a lot of confidence. And you are right, with practice I can read more smoothly and add more expressions to my lines 🙂

  3. Thanks 🙂 Absolutely @TheBasicFilmmaker is the best! With his guidance I was able to create this video in a very short time! Your channel also have some great stuff! I will check them very soon 🙂

  4. I am from Philippines .and when I tried to go to X10hosting.com it said that it is not available in our country ! damn  racist

  5. hello brother and peace be with you salam..i use ubuntu .can you help how to publish my website with ubuntu thanks

  6. can you teach us how to use file manager please?

    My website needs to be clicked in order for it to open.
    I want to go to my website without clicking on any other links to open it.

  7. hey.. i want to to create a website (blog) in webplus and wanna publish it online.. i never did it before, this is my first time. so any tip that u can remand.. thank u 😀

  8. wow i never knew it was going to be easy i thought we would have to pay for this but this is cool to know…. great video

  9. I have a node js web app. Is the method going to work? My website is published via heroku though but I want to choose a domain name myself.

  10. which hosting site doesn't slow down your internet speed. I used 000webHost.com and that one slow down my internet tremendously

  11. 000webhost is something my teacher would use but coming down to it you run the risl of identity tracking from it if you use this application it may be free but not as safe.

  12. mere pass paid domin hai or freehosting.com se cPanal ka registration hai but meri website publish nhi ho rahi hai
    so plz. help me

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