How to Save Webpages as PDF On Your iPhone/iPad

hey what’s up guys welcome back to
another exciting episode of iGeeksBlog this Puneet Khatri back with another video
so basically guys earlier with iOS 10 it was not that easy to just go ahead
and create a web page into PDF but with the coming of iOS 11 it’s really easy
task and this video I’ll be showing you how to go ahead and convert the web
pages into PDF. How I personally use this is that I go through websites and
whenever I think that this content is really good to save on your phone I just
go ahead and create PDF also along with that we get an option to mark your PDF
or like markup option to customize it so that gives a personal touch to your PDF
and you can share it with anyone you wish to so without wasting any bit of
time let’s get started with this video so let’s get started okay so guys in
order to go ahead and get started with creating a web page into PDF what you
need to do is go in and tap on Safari open a particular article or a web page
that you want to create into PDF so this is the article that I would wish to
convert into PDF so what is the step that you need to take is that on the
bottom bar you would have the share icon just tap on this one and on the third
section of this option over here you need to scroll down and at last you
would get this option that says create PDF let’s go ahead and tap on that and
your PDF has been created instantly so this is the page alright so if you want
to go ahead and save this thing what are you gonna do is tap on done and you
would get our two options save this file to and delete the PDF just tap on save
the file and now you need to select the destination where you would wish to save
your PDF so I select iCloud and I’ll just tap add and it’s instantly saved
but also if you would like to mark this up or you wanna add something then you
just gonna again cap on create PDF once there over here at the top right corner
you get this pencil icon just tap on that and now select the option whichever
you want to do like a pencil or a pen or a marker and select anything mark it up
also if you want to like zoom out zooming use your both the fingers to
even scroll down and with your if you tap on the plus icon you have other
options to add a text signature or a magnifier that’s it when you’re done
with editing just tap on this icon again you’d be taken back to your PDF with all
the personalizations And at last I would like to share how to
share this thing okay so if you want to share it with your friends it’s good and
tap on this icon up right here the bottom icon for sharing select your
messages or email, notes, messenger or wherever you want to share this I’m
gonna copy this printed it’s really a really good option and you can select
whichever option is convenient to you and shared with the people you would
like to share this PDF. Guys now we come to end of this video I hope
you enjoyed this video this was a quick video tutorial showing you how to just
go ahead and create any webpage into PDF and it’s really easy to ask after
knowing this video tutorial with iOS 11 combined so guys if you’ve noted install
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