How To Setup A WordPress Website With Astra Pro

In this video me to go over the Astra Theme
and how to get it installed on your website to go over all of these free plug-ins that
you can add to the site to talk about Astra Pro Astra agency him to show you how to install
a child theme and use the white label settings that was a lot of stuff you can see I have
my Phillips you like sent to the Astro purple color in the background hi my name is Adam
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because this is the first video and a video series going through Astra and all that it
can do for you so this is just a first video in the video description box will have a link
to the playlists I’m creating for the Astra Theme as well as a link to take you to Asher’s
website to take a look at the Astra theme so I’m not to sit here talking with this introduction
I’m just getting it right into the video so here I am on the Astra website and even though
there’s a download button here this isn’t actually how you’re going to get Astro you’re
going to get it directly from WordPress when you’re logged into your WordPress website
so here I am logged into a fresh installation of WordPress now to get the theme all you
have to do is go to appearance and then themes in the near and click on add new and then
right here you’re going to do a search for Astra now this is what will come up now I
will preface that this image here this thumbnail image might look different when you are installing
Astra I do know their testing different thumbnail images and this is the one that happens to
be there right now so just go ahead and click on the install button right here and were
not going to activate it just yet because one of the best practices with WordPress is
to create a child theme and use that with your website and a child theme is good to
be where you’re going to place custom code may be at custom function or some custom CSS
or anything that you want to be upgrade safe and there are definitely some things were
going to want to have be upgraded safe that I’m in a go over in these different videos
so what we need to do now is get a child theme now Astra makes it really easy to put a link
to this page right here down below but all you have to do is come to this page and working
to be able to generate a child theme now I just go ahead and click on generate I don’t
want to change any of the values but if you’re an agency or you’re making websites for someone
you might want to change how the child theme appears in WordPress so you can click on advanced
options and essentially you can name it you can put a version number if you want you can
put your name as the author you can put a link to your website and you can write a description
if you chose to and you can change the folder name and you can add a custom screenshot if
you want all of these values are what is going to show when you click on themes and it shows
all the themes so this is what it’s going to do Juergen to be able to customize how
this looks for the child theme you can have a different image you can have it say the
name of your business a link to your business your own description etc. etc. and L you could
do that if you want I’m not going to do that personally this is good though if you’re making
websites for clients only click this and go back to simple options and all you have to
do is click on this and generate button and then it’s going to go ahead and download a
child theme and all generated and ready to go so now let’s go back to our WordPress site
work and click on add new Rick click on upload theme this time and it should be in the download
folder on your computer so for me I see it in my downloads folder I’m just gonna drag
and drop it right there to click on install now like this and then I’m in a go ahead and
click on activate so now what we have is my child theme right here we have the Astra Theme
right here and I can actually get rid of these themes because I’m not can I use them you
can never get rid of Astro though because it is dependent for the child theme is dependent
on the parent theme which is Astra but now we have Astra installed on this website so
now let’s take a look at some plug-ins that you may or may not want to install on this
website as well these are plug-ins specifically made for Astra Summit to go to plug-ins and
right here you would click on add new and then right here you could just do a search
for Astra and here are a variety of plug-ins that pull up but let me explain what these
are one by one so here is the actual search on WordPress’s website you see there’s this
nice list of available plug-ins that you can add to your website someone to go through
these one by one right now so the first one is Astra Sites light in essentially what this
plug-in is going to do it’s good to be a one click website installer for numerous templates
so you’ll be able to see all of these various templates with one click of the mouse it will
import it and apply it to your website now this is the light version and that’s because
there’s also a agency or Pro version to the set I’ll explain in a little bit this is a
fantastic plug-in and you’ll be able to get websites built a lot faster if one of these
templates works for you and I’m in a show you these templates in a bit as well so that
is Astra Sites another one is called the header footer Elementor so if you’re using a the
Elementor page builder with Astro because with Esther you’re pretty much going to use
one of these pull up page building plug-ins Soto most likely be Elementor or Beaver Builder
so here is a plug-in that you can add that’s free called header footer Elementor it will
allow you to use Elementor to create a header for your website and a footer for your website
now there is a better way to do this if you’re going to use Astra Pro which I’ll talk about
later in this video but this is fantastic if you don’t plan on purchasing the Pro version
of Astro next right here is Astro Hooks and I made a video recently about hooks and in
fact I actually use the Astra Theme and the demonstration but this is a plug-in that you
will add in order to display information on your website in certain locations and this
is also a plug-in you use for when you want to add Google analytics to your website or
any kind of tracking script you’ll be using Astro hooks for that I’m in a have a entire
video on the hooks for Astra so even though I’m just gonna go pass this right now look
out for that video because it will be here in the series next is Beaver Builder header
and footer this is the same thing as Elementor header and footer except this is for you if
you’re going to use Beaver Builder on your Astra Sites and you don’t plan on purchasing
the Pro version of Astra so the next plug-in that we have right here is the switch to Astra
and this is for you if you are using a different theme on your website and you want to switch
to Astra you need this plug in essentially what will happen is if you just start using
Astra and all of your pages have been built with a page builder you switch to Astra its
Astros not to know that those pages need to be set the full width and to hide the title
and all of that so when you use switch to Astra you this is one plug-in installed click
one button and it will convert all those pages over and you can disable and delete the plug-in
in fact I recently use this because I was using on a different website the Beaver Builder
theme and I wanted to switch to Astra so this plug-in and made it super easy to do that
okay the next free plug-in is custom type kit fonts so this plug-ins can allow you to
use fonts that you have it via a subscription to something cop called a type kit so a lot
of the top blogs and websites that you may visit that have beautiful fonts a lot of them
are actually paying for those fonts through such a service call type kit and this allows
you to easily integrate those type kit fonts into your Astra website I personally think
it’s kinda crazy to pay for fonts but some people definitely want to do that in this
is the plug-in that’s gonna make it easy for you to do that with the Astra Theme okay next
is just custom fonts now this is actually fantastic this is a plug-in that will allow
you to use custom fonts on your Astra websites and essentially what you’re doing is you’re
just uploading the font and there are tons of websites that have free fonts so you would
go there find the font that you want the font that you like you go there you downloaded
and with this plug-in on your website you can go ahead and upload those custom fonts
and you can use them for the body or for headlines or are various spots where you have an option
to change the default option with Astra this is a pretty generous plug-in most free themes
and even most paid themes don’t even have this option you have to add all sorts of lines
of custom code to certain files in order to load custom fonts but aster has made it so
easy by providing this plug-in I read almost done with the plug-ins okay*customizer reset
so with WordPress all the different settings for your theme are done and something called
the customizer this will allow you to reset if you wanted to just reset and start over
again it’s a pretty great plug-in that they added as well especially in the beginning
when you’re testing things and you trying things out you you definitely might find this
one handy okay the next one is lightweight a sidebar manager now doesn’t say Astra anywhere
and that’s because they made this plug-in but it can really be used on any esteem and
essentially what this is going to do is give you dynamic sidebars so this is a very very
powerful plug-in it’s kind and saying that they’re offering it here for free this is
I probably should make a dedicated video on this for all sorts of people that want dynamic
sidebars on their website so this is if you say go to blog and there’s a blog post and
there’s that sidebar and you might want the items in that sidebar to be different based
upon which blog posts people are on so if you want to kinda make your websites smarter
and more dynamic and more targeted this is definitely the plug-in for you but it just
for sidebars of you’re making a normal website without a blog it just may be a brochure type
website you don’t need this but these are this is actually very nice to have and lastly
is ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder light these this is actually made by the developers
of the Astra Theme brainstorm force they make ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder so if
you want to use Beaver Builder or your websites and you don’t have the paid version of ultimate
add-ons here is a free plug-in that’s can add so many additional modules to Beaver Builder
and it’s completely free all of these modules right here are added for free and this is
great when you’re just starting out you have maybe a very low budget you want a great looking
website you’re on a super tight budget and not able to buy any of these things right
now well ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder light is fantastic and actually this is used
in some of the Astra Sites demos those free premade websites so this is everything included
for free with Astro the theme the child theme all the various plug-ins now in the video
description box I have a link to take you over to my website right now I’m going to
show you how to install and set up the Pro or the agency version of Astra but before
you do that when you click on that link it’s can it take you to this page and essentially
if you were to purchase any of the versions of Astra dominant explain them all right now
I have set up various bonus packages for you if you were to purchase it and these are training
courses that I normally sell on my website but after you purchase Astra I will give them
to you to help you get the most out of building your WordPress websites so I have a different
package for the different versions of Astra you can just visit this site right here I
got the link in the video description and then you can just jump on over to Astra’s
website via one of the links here so here is Astro Pro now Astra has several versions
I’m in explain them all right now to you so they can make sense because there’s a lot
of different options so the first option is Astra Pro and what it is it’s not a different
theme it is a plug-in that you will upload to the plug-ins of your website in its can
add a lot of additional functionality to your website and I’m and install it here in a moment
so this is what currently comes with Astra Pro during a gets so many features so you’re
getting a transparent header a sticky header. To get page headers and this is actually really
really powerful I have a what actually I have a video coming that is on these three add-ons
alone because it all has to do with the headers some more color control better topography
this would be more options for the topography dynamic hooks I have a specific video on this
as well coming advance footers can give you more footer layouts a scroll to top Link header
sections white label this is actually really cool it’s going to allow you to make it look
like with your selling websites in your client logs in their neck to see the say Astra all
over the place and they’re not to say what I could just go by Asher what I hire you for
this prevents that you can totally change how Astra is viewed in WordPress and all of
the plug-ins you can put your company name all that kind of stuff and and essential your
customers won’t even know that you’re using Astra now here are some add-ons that aren’t
available right now but they are coming soon one of them is a spacing control so this is
going to give you full control over the spacing of elements on your website so this is for
example the spacing around your menu your your logo your sidebar your headers your edges
everything it’s a complete spacing control and this will add settings to all of these
different areas in the customizer I did use a beta version of this it is so crucial to
have it’s gonna make developing sites and making those final tweaks to it to get it
exactly how you want pixel perfect it’s going to help you to do that a lot easier next is
an add-on that’s going to give you more header designs so if you’re any use the headers generated
by the Astra Theme this will have more designs and more layouts I’m looking forward to this
add-on as well to bring a mega menu feature that’s when you hover over a menu item some
panel reveals and there’s more links in there or some kind of a design the layout and that
mega menu blog layouts I can’t wait for this to come this is a very needed right now at
the Astra Theme blog is very beautiful very nice but it’s also a little on the basic side
so this is really good to level up those blog layouts and give you more options then right
here you can have some site layout options I also used a beta version of this and I gotta
say it is fantastic something that I haven’t seen in any other theme and then lastly here
is an add-on that’s coming that is very needed and that is to give you full control over
the styling of WooCommerce pages and this is really good to make Astra Theme seem to
have if you’re going to have an e-commerce website now there are most likely to be more
and more add-ons coming soon to show you it in being installed and how to enable them
but what’s nice is you can just enable what you’re going to use and you can keep your
website really really lean so now let’s scroll down and take a look to see how much Astra
costs so there is an annual license right now it’s only $49 and then when it comes time
to renew it you get a discount this comes with support and updates you can use it on
as many websites as you want now if you just wanted a one time fee they have a lifetime
license available so you don’t have to pay any renewal fees and it is the same thing
he was in on the limited websites and you get 11 unlimited lifetime updates and support
for this one payment this is actually a fantastic deal right there it’s a fantastic deal so
this is the pricing for the professional add-on Astra Pro and like I said it’s just a plug-in
that you install on your website so now let’s take a quick look at the other option which
is asked for agency and minimal to go ahead and install everything so I’m in a click on
aster agency here and it’s going to come with some different things it’s gonna come with
the whole Astra Pro but it also comes with professional versions of Astra Sites remember
I was showing you the various plug-ins that you can get for free for Astra one of them
was Astra Sites lights when you get the agency package you get the professional version of
these websites so many click right here where it says see all sites now you have the option
of having the Beaver Builder version of these websites or the Elementor version of these
websites now I’ll let you know these website designs do not require the paid version of
Beaver Builder or the paid version of Elementor it’s nice to have those but they are definitely
not required you can toggle between the templates that are made for Beaver Builder in the time
of the templates made for Elementor and also they have them hearing categories and also
and I’m in a show you when we are doing this in the Bakken of WordPress you have the same
sorting options so here are some of the websites right here they are actually all very very
impressive now when you’re looking through the various websites you can see right here
it has the title but this one has this badge right here that says premium these premium
websites you only get if you have Astra agency okay so you can see the difference right you
can see this once taken advantage of the transparent header at the top there and a lot of these
designs are going to be taking advantage of Astra Pro and the features that come with
Astra Pro but all these websites are very practical and there also very beautiful in
fact they did a full video on one of them let me click on Elementor here and show you
which one that was as I scroll down I did a full video tutorial on this template right
here in these are all just very very impressive websites it’s shocking how good they are so
for example this one right here I can click on quick view and now I’m fully seeing a demonstration
of this website and this is one of the free websites right here it’s just mind-boggling
what you get with Astra and a how much better it is even with Astra Pro so this is the Astra
Sites so let me go back to the agency page right here now like I said you get the white
version of those websites and they’re fantastic but if you want the premium ones you have
to have asked her agency which is an additional plug in that you install on the website but
I’ll demonstrate that so you also get a couple other goodies so Artie said you get the Astra
Pro plug-in right here you also get something called Convert Pro and this is a plug-in for
creating pop ups or different opt-in elements I’ve actually made a review video on this
plug-in it is extremely extremely powerful and it’s just fantastic and I think in the
future some of those professional Astra Sites the premium ones will also integrate templates
for Convert Pro so it’s a true one click solution now if you’re to build websites with Beaver
Builder it’s also can include ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder and I use this actually
use it on my website I pretty much use it on every website this is such a fantastic
plug and it had so much functionality to Beaver Builder but if your menus Elementor you’re
not to be left out because they are building ultimate add-ons for Elementor and if you’re
familiar at all with their Beaver Builder version you have a lot to be excited about
if you’re to build a website with Elementor once this is released it’s going to be included
in this Astra agency package now obviously there’s a lot more included in the aster agency
package so take a look at the different pricing for it so here I am on the pricing section
you have two options you have an annual license and you have a lifetime license option now
this lifetime license option I think might be going the way it was only to be there for
a limited time so for the annual license it’s 199 per year now this isn’t intended for the
do-it-yourself guy that’s making one website but even though if you were just making one
website it’s a really good deal if you can use all of the plug-ins Convert Pro ultimate
add-ons for Beaver Builder or ultimate add-ons for Elementor and the Pro version a master
it still a pretty rock and deal however you really position to benefit the most from this
if you’re making websites for people and selling websites or you need to make many websites
for yourself whatever you have going on so here are the options this is a killer deal
actually the 599 because when you think about it this is literally a one time a fixed cost
and you never need to pay for anything again and just when you think about the Astra Sites
the premium version I’m sure if you sold one website you should be selling websites for
over $1000 it will more than pay for itself on that first website that you sell and they
are adding more and more of these Astra Sites so so this is ideal if you are a website developer
this will really control your costs to reign in your costs and it’s totally worth it if
you ask me this is actually what I have the package that I have and then when you factor
in the bonuses that I include here are the different bonus packages that I have set up
for the various packages available for Astra it’s really a good deal it’s just a really
good deal so okay enough of me talking about all this I did want to explain it because
it could be a little complicated right you’re here and you’re you’re seeing all these different
options well I just wanted to set the record straight and get that all clear now when you
purchase the package that is right for you you’re going to be taken over to store.brainstorm this is where all your purchase and account information support everything
is going to be done right here and I’m on my my account page for me to get these links
right here to download the plug-ins that you just purchased so I’m going to install Astra
Pro and Astra Pro sites right now you just go ahead and click on these links right there
to download them now when you hover over the account link right here there is a license
option I’m actually not to click on this because it’s gonna show you my licenses so you need
to click on that input the different licenses were in a copy and paste them into Astro so
that we enable updates and stuff like that so now let’s go back to our site right here
some to click on upload plug-in and I’ve already downloaded Astra Pro summonses drag-and-drop
Astra Pro right here when I click on install now and it’s just going to take a moment then
to go ahead and activate it now in a moment I’ll come back and put in Astra Sites so we
see we have the one plug-in right there now if I go over to appearance and I go down to
Astra right here we have this tab that says add-ons and this is what was just added and
we also have this white label option I want to talk about that in a moment so for add-ons
what you can do is just go through and activate whichever ones that you want or you can click
right here words is activate all add-ons it’s going to go ahead and activate all of them
up for you now some of them are going to add new tabs so words is manage settings that
usually means is going to add a new tab so if I refresh the page organist see two new
tabs one for the headers and one for the books some to go ahead and click on refresh and
there it is advance headers advanced hooks and white label the only thing left to do
on this page would be to copy and paste your license key right here and click on activate
license and then that’s going to make it so that you will get update notifications and
though be one click updating and that’s simply what you’re gonna want so now let me go back
to plug-ins add new and this time I’m been installed the premium version of Astra Sites
and I have that downloaded him Dragon name dropping when a click on install now I’m a
go ahead and activate that as well so what this is going to do is it’s going to add a
new option underneath appearance so we were just in Astra now we have Astra Sites some
to go ahead and click on this and we have that same view that I showed you on the Astro
website where you can choose which builder you’re using it and you can choose the website
just by scrolling down and choosing it super easy to install any of these all you do is
click on details and preview and it will tell you what plug-ins are required you can click
on each of these one by one to install and then right here the button will say import
site it all takes just a moment or two and here’s one of the premium ones right here
looks like I didn’t put my license code and so it’s not showing that to me so let me actually
do that right now I’m in a go back to Astra and then I’m going to go back to add-ons right
here and I’m in a go ahead and put my license code in okay I pasted my license code in and
I activated that now there’s two ways to activate the premium version of Astra Sites the first
way is to click on Astra Sites right here go back to where it says a premium one like
this the spa one is premium click on details and preview I can click on validate license
it’s going to open up in a new tab and I’m gonna get this pop-up right here to paste
my license key in the other option would’ve been to just come here to plug-ins and click
right here where it says activate license someone go ahead and enter my license and
click on activate okay after you do that it should say license successfully validated
animal to go like this and it changed from that big red notice to this beautiful green
notice so now I go to parents and I go to Astra Sites and then I’m in a click on one
of these premium ones right here let’s see if that went away and it did so it’s just
prompting me to install these two plug-ins and I will have this beautiful website all
ready to go on this site right here so that is the Astra Sites and that is activating
these plugs you definitely want to go through the process of activating because it’s gonna
make it so you get notifications for updates and you will always be on the latest version
of all of these things so I want to go back to Astra and I want to show you something
right here this is the white label option and this comes with Astra Pro now this is
not for reselling assets on a white label resale license this is just for changing the
way that Astra appears when your client or your customer logs into the backend of WordPress
and it’s pretty comprehensive it’s can allow you to change the branding before the theme
it’s can allow you to change the branding of the Pro plug-in and the Astra Sites plug-in
but I will tell you you can disable or deactivate and delete the Astra Sites plug-in after you
use it there’s no need to keep that one so anyways you can go here and essentially when
you click on themes it’s going to change this right here for the parent theme so won’t say
asteroid will say what you want and you can change this link in this bit of text and it
will say whatever you want you can even change the thumbnail to maybe your company logo or
something like that so that is the different white label options right here so now all
that’s left is to click on customize right here and it’s going to put you into the customizer
and you can start customizing your Astra based website you have all of the options are to
be found in here so just a reminder this is the first video in a video series covering
every aspect of the free version of Astra Astra Pro and Astra agency and all of these
tutorial videos are going to be completely free I will have a link in the video description
box to the organize playlist for all of these videos now what I wanted to ask you though
if you’re not subscribed one that you consider clicking on that subscribe button and if you’d
like video notifications are sent Bill off to the right you can click on that and you
too will let you know when I have a new video but what would really help me out is if anyone
that you come across as having a question about Astra that you point them to the video
playlist or the particular video that they’re struggling with so you can in turn help that
person understand how to use Astra better so they can get more out of it that really
helps me out and if you don’t have Astra Pro or agency and are considering it go ahead
and click on the link that I have in the video description box or you can go to
and you can read about the various bonus packages that I put together for Astra so I’m looking
forward to seeing you in the next video please make sure to thumbs up and if you have any
questions about any of the content in this particular video feel free to ask me in the
comment section it down below thanks for watching

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  14. hi, I am purchasing Astra Pro. will it be having Elementor pro? or just basic version of Elementor?

  15. Adam, Thank you for your video, f I buy Astra Pro and create a website for a client, i wonder if they use my theme into other websites is there anyway i can restrict and encrpt site theme as well as Elementor pro version

  16. Hi Adam, thanks for all the great info! I have purchased Elementor Pro through your promo link (looking forward to receiving my training course soon!). I wonder if Elementor Pro and Astra Pro together are an overkill, or are these two complementary. I am a complete beginner, teaching myself to make websites. Thanks a lot.

  17. I have bought Astra pro through your affiliate link. Now I wanted to totally hide my header and footer menu on certain pages. With Astra pro I am using free version of elimentor. Is it possible to do this without buying elimentor pro?

  18. Just starting out in WordPress and chose Astra after several others I did not like. Do I need a Child Theme if I don't plan on doing any coding? I don't think I do. Thanks for the fantastic videos.

  19. I'm a bit confused.. Do I have to buy pro or agency every time I have a client? Since it's basically their wp account on which you build their site
    That's a lot of margin loss

    Or am I doing this wrong ? Lol
    Please help

  20. I would not recommend Astra Theme, let alone the agency plans (which I have). Yes it is very nicely made but they are very sale focused and it has bugs. Worst of all, the support is absolutely atrocious by today's standards. No live chat. No ticket system. Outdated knowledge base. No community forum. You have to send a contact us message that creates an untrackable "ticket" which takes them 12-24 hours (for US residents) to respond to via EMAIL since their support is only in India. Their support responses are lackluster in English and more-or-less links to existing articles which are of no help. They also ask for login credentials which adds another 12-24 hours delay with ultimately the same end results of them deferring blame, saying "they don't know why" or linking to some obscure article. Users should buy this theme expecting to troubleshoot and problem solve on their own. Extremely frustrating. I hope someone at Astra sees this and changes their support system because it is unacceptable.

  21. WordPress doesn't allow me to upload any of Astra's files I download. Not as a folder or as the individual files.. I purchased this and it literally doesn't work, terrible.

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