How to track user behavior on your website with Google Analytics and Lucky Orange #CoffeeTalks

Hi, I’m Bryan. I’m a Senior Account
Manager at Nextiny. I’m here with Megan our Creative Director we work
really closely in the website design process with our clients and when we
start we always kind of ask ourselves like what are people doing on the
website and of course we need to start with the business goals and working with
the clients understand what is the intention of the website. What do they
want to accomplish with it whether that’s lead generation or driving
traffic that’s really important to understand what the goals are. Right, so
once you have an understanding of what the goals are of your website
whether you designed your website 20 years ago or you just finished a
redesign when you were building your website aligned around those goals you
had to make some assumptions about what the navigation menu should look like
what information should be included on the pages even down to the page
structure what color should the call-to-action be and how high should it
be on the page and these kind of assumptions are great and a lot of them
are based on as much data as you know but you only kind of know so much until
you get to site actually live right? So you set the site live and then now
reality hits and it’s like there’s people visiting the website they’re
taking actions there they’re starting to show the behavior of the website a
little bit so using tools like Google Analytics and search console we can
understand like the keywords that are bringing people to the website we can
understand the demographics of people who are coming to our website you know
whether they’re coming from the right area whether it’s the right age
group you can do things as granular down so like male or female so there’s so
much information to gain once the websites live and using that information
to your advantage to to make those changes that you need to make right so
we have to make some assumptions going into the website but once the websites
why we have actionable data that week to kind of continue to improve this user
experience and we can actually understand how users are going to the
website there’s there’s tools like Lucky Orange where you can actually watch a
user navigate through your website and see maybe where they’re getting stuff on
or what pages they’re looking for that can’t seem to find you can see heat map
so where people are clicking on the page. If they’re not getting to the
call-to-action that’s at the bottom of the page so there’s there’s really
granular data that you can use to actually implement and improve your
site. You don’t have to guess what people are doing on your site once it’s live
you can dig into the data and then kind of optimize and improve from there if it
all feels overwhelming and that you don’t know where to start
I think the first place is just make sure that you’re tracking these things
and you can do you can do that through using tools like Google Analytics in
search console and I would start there. Just get that installed on your website
understand where people are coming from How they’re getting to your website, how
they’re interacting with your website. There are of course there are other
tools like Megan mentioned that you can do some granular data analysis and
understand what’s going on, but for most people it’s just getting Google
Analytics to implement it and start tracking right away.

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