How to Use BearShare to Download Music : People & Social Networking with BearShare

Hey everybody. My name is Matt and I’m speaking
to you on behalf of Expert Village. One of the cool things about BearShare is the social
networking aspect. If you go up here and click people, you’ll be presented with a page that
looks like this. Here on the top left, you’ll see the information about you. You’ll see
your user name. If you click edit my profile, you’ll be taken to a page that looks like
this. You may have filled in some of this information when you first registered, but
this is information about you. People can search and find you and become friends with
you. If you want to add one of your friends, just type in their screen name here and click
the add button. If you just want to look around at different people’s profiles, you can come
down here to search and search by different criteria for people and add them to your friends
list. Click on a user that you want to add as a friend. There should be a button here
that says add a friend. Just click that and go ahead and click yes and they will become
your friend. You’ll see a list of your friends here. Right now I don’t have any. After this
person accepts, they should show up here. You can create messages and send them to your
friends here. There’s just a lot of cool things you can do with BearShare. You can actually
view peoples shared libraries. You can send them songs, you can send them instant messages
and playlists. Like I said, there’s a lot of cool different things you can do with BearShare.
It’s a great peer to peer program and I hope that you’ve learned a lot today. Happy downloading.

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  1. its shit all the songs i want ave stupid vids to dem n wen u find mp3 versions ppl ave made stupid n shitty remiexs

  2. is bearshare safe to use? i mean will it give any kind of virus? i just got a new computer so i want to know for sure if its virus prone or not. reply if you know the answer. thanks

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