How to Use Internet Explorer 7 : How to Save a Web Page on Internet Explorer 7

Hi, I am Ross on behalf of Expert
Windows Internet Explorer, let’s check it out. How do you save a webpage. You can go
up to file, go down to Save As. Down here you will see “Save As Type.” Now the file
name is filled in for you automatically from the name of the webpage but you can change
it if you like. The main options you need to think about though besides location is
what type of file format you want. This is coming up to save page complete. And if I
was to click save, it would pull down the necessary files to recreate this page. It
creates them in different folders and in different files. I also can do it as an archive. This
has the extension of MHT. And what it does is pull down the necessary files to duplicate
that page but it keeps it in one file. That is why it is called an archive. Then I can
go down to HTML only, which would not include the graphics but the HTML text that helps
set up the page. Or you could save it as text only and then click save.

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