How YouTube Notifications Work

Welcome to this series of videos about how YouTube’s
search and discovery system works. In this one
we’re talking about notifications. Notifications are alerts sent to subscribers
of a channel when a new video is made public. They can be sent as
mobile push alerts or emails. Notifications tend to kick start
early traffic to your new uploads but they don’t necessarily
drive the bulk of views in the long run. By default,
YouTube only sends occasional notifications from the channels you watch a lot,
or those you’re subscribed to. If subscribers want to get notifications
every time you make a new video public they can tap the bell icon
next to the Subscribe button. The best way for you to understand
how notifications work is by subscribing
and tapping the bell on other channels. Just make sure
notifications are turned on on your phone. It’s also helpful to teach your subscribers
how to turn on notifications. Lots of creators do this in a visual way,
like making a video with screenshots. Hey, you made it! We covered a lot in this series all the way
from how the algorithm follows the audience to six key areas
where videos can be discovered. We hope this
has helped you understand how YouTube works with the goal of giving your videos
their best chance of success. If you want to start from the beginning,
click here. Otherwise, if you want to learn more remember to visit and subscribe to the YouTube Creator Academy channel. And don’t forget to tap the bell!

39 Replies to “How YouTube Notifications Work”

  1. Hi, I can't find the option to aggregate watch time (or any other) by week, month, year….etc in youtube creator studio Beta. can you help me?

  2. My problem is I get too many notifications don't know how to delete them therefore I have to unsubscribe to my channels or I get overloaded on notifications anybody know how to delete notifications please help

  3. Poorly made video. For the title, anyway. It's one little facet of 'Notifcations', and even that is not explained well, then you claim at the end you covered 6 items from A-F, only I don't recognize A or F and wonder wth you are talking about. laughable

  4. I have a comment that seems to be stuck in the notification bell. It won't flow to the comment section, It was originally in the comments section, but now is back in notification bell. How do I get it back in the comment section?

  5. Good news..and..i think if YouTube send monthly notifications to Subscribers or refreshing old video's for one time in a month I think it's make that good for YouTube and video creators and Subscribers..thank you YouTube..with my Best regards

  6. Спасибо огромное за столь подробную информацию , конечно хотелось на русском , а не титры читать.

  7. Hey… Why does my notifications get deleted after youtube's update.. I'm from mobile.. Please answer

  8. why subscribers don't receive notifications about ALL NEW VIDEOS? Why they MUST CLICK FUC**G BELL!?!?!?!?

  9. You didn't explain that you must CHECKBOX the notification feature during upload found under the Advanced Setting tab. Once you publish the vid it cannot be sent out.

  10. Plz help, I just recently updated my computer, and now for some reason, when I begin a video on youtube, it gives me a notification with the video's thumbnail and title on it, and a play button, a rewind button, and a fast foward button.. if I get rid of the notification, then pause the video, it gives me it again, if i press the buttons on the notification, it does the same to the actual video…
    Is this part of an update or is something wrong with youtube??

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