How YouTube Search Works

Welcome to this series of videos about
how YouTube Search and Discovery works. In this one,
we’re taking a look at Search itself. Like Google Search Engine YouTube Search aims to surface
the most relevant videos and channels according to what
people type in the Search box. The results aren’t just
based on the most-viewed videos. Videos are ranked on things like how well the title, descriptions
and video itself match each query. Beyond that, we look at which
videos have driven the most watch-time and engagement for a search phrase. So, what can you do to
help your videos get found in search results? Consider the following: Use relevant search terms
in your titles and descriptions. Try looking at Google Trends
to see which words people are searching for. What’s key here is being relevant. Don’t try to trick viewers,
or they may abandon your video early and that could hurt
its performance in the long run. Write full descriptions:
up to one to two paragraphs. Some creators only put their
social media links in the description potentially missing out
on a lot of extra views. Pay attention to trending and seasonal topics and consider making videos around those,
especially within your own content category. OK, so that’s YouTube Search
but what about Suggested Videos? Next, let’s talk about how they work and what you can do to help
your videos get discovered there. Click here to watch the next video or go back and learn about how
the algorithm follows the audience.

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  1. I would like to see the YouTube team making these interhuman connections come alive and say thank you.

  2. This May be awkward…
    But I would like to thank YouTube.
    When I searching for something I was looking for, it was here.
    And when I found what I was looking for you added more.
    It didn't matter if it was music or videos and it didn't matter what subject it was about.
    You made it possible when I at my worst and I was looking for entertainment and gave me a lot to think about.
    Thanks for your site and I appreciate it.

  3. मुझे लगता है कि अब you tube मे टिप्पणी बॉक्स मे voice comments and pictures comments करने का function भी कर देना चाहिए ।

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  5. Not anymore though right, youtube?

    Now it's all CNN, MSNBC, FOX, VOX, Washington Post ect..

    1Your site now sucks. VERY disappointing.

  6. There are so many things wrong with youtube now, I'm grabbing myself a bag of popcorn. It's 2018, I have no marks against me, in good standing with no time limit on videos. Why can't I upload to youtube? There's nothing wrong with my internet or network. I'm hard lined with decent broadband. Is that what people are calling "shadow banning"? I'm serious. I haven't been able to post as much as a 1 minute video all year. Youtube used to be a great company that I loved. I could upload videos and find exactly what i was looking for when searching the site. Not anymore, that was before google bought you. So sad. Been progressively down hill, ever since.

  7. you know what, im gonna yolo this, maybe it will work

  8. how does the youtube algorithm work if the channel is a new channel … and how to promote a new channel without using ads or naturally?

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  10. even YOUTUBE didn't get success achieving higher views on their videos. just 285K views in 2 years with this much of marketing describes it all ?

  11. I had not been thinking of how to get like in creating my videos- was using it as an intimate daily diary, but I think I can make intimate diary footage that better addresses my audience. Thanks!

  12. Guys this is good stuff. I am coming out with a YOU on YouTube course, and will feature it in April on my channel, ,Money March is next month. Will give discount view to first subscribers up to 500. Document you are one

  13. Pay attention to trending videos???????WHY?I couldn't care less about this kind of videos Rami Malek’s Oscars 2019 Acceptance Speech for Best Actor
    2 days ago 9,600,890 views ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Is he Jesus Christ or something??????????????

  14. 12 Steps To Popular on YouTube Step 1: Make sure you have more than 2 videos on your channel. Step 2: Find a popular channel you like and subscribe to them and and the notification bell for their channel. Step 3: comment of their videos (that were uploaded after you subscribe) within the first ten minutes and make sure the comment is not offensive or obsessed. Step 4: Pray like crazy your comment gets loved every time. Step 5: Wait for the creator to finally realize whose comment they keep on loving. Step 6: Wait for the Creator go to your channel and watch your videos. Step 7: Hope f
    like a jumping jellyfish that they're kind of person who will love your content. If they comment saying they don't, then repeat steps 1-7. Step 8: They love your videos and want to a collab. Step 9: After you both a collab on both of your channels, their subscribers will notice it and go your channel. Step 10: Pray the Frog they love your content. Step 11: The subscribers from the popular love your content and subscribe to you. They might even hit the notification bell for your channel. Step 12: Pat yourself on the back and congrats yourself, you are now a popular youtuber.

  15. I watched a jojo video and i typed in "Robert" in the search box. It finished it up with "Robert E.O Speedwagon"

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  17. Your video says that YouTube looks for a video title and description, that's correct. But I have a problem with the title language. My video and title both are in Hindi language and other's video the same topic Hindi video has an English title. When I search in Google and YouTube, English title video come at the top even if their views, comment, etc. is less then my video. In my view, if you have a video in the Hindi language you must write the title in the Hindi language so people can understand. But YouTube didn't understand our honesty and put others video on the top. Please tell me what is the solution?

  18. A descrição do vídeo é em português, porém não tem legenda. Se vocês querer atingir os brasileiros com esse vídeo lembrem-se de colocar legenda não são todas as pessoas que entendem inglês. Se não for pra por legenda, deixa em inglês o título já, feedback construtivo.

  19. To all who worked to make the YouTube Creators videos, thank you very much.

    You give us the rod and teach how to fish for free to create a better world.

  20. Very distracting background music and voiceover! What's with the "fun and games" tone? We're here for factual information, not to be entertained. Your video developers should be told that these videos are meant to be serious, not fun. The "entertaining" tone is both patronizing and distracting and I couldn't take more than 30 seconds of it.

  21. Which one of you has just been accepted into the Youtube Partner Program and now is watching every video to see how you can become even better at Youtube? o_

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