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  1. 1) why aren’t they using a toastie machine/sandwich press/panini machine instead of what is basically a toaster with toast baskets!?! It was so obvious the filling was going to slump to the bottom of the toastie and have loads of clean up involved too??! What a stupid design 🙄 and 2) why are Americans so accepting of plastic/pretend cheese!?!?! Perhaps that is all they’ve known?!? Very sad if so 😭😉🤣

  2. That's a brioche bread rather than sour dough bread. The pan works far better than this, please don't buy or use this. Tasty should stop copying sorted

  3. I was going to say, this would be good for a college dorm room – somewhere you can't use a burner – but now I want a 'Toastie Maker' for Christmas, and I am unanimous in this !

  4. For $20 just buy a non-stick pan & a pair of tongs. Stop making things that make simple jobs harder than they need to be.

  5. To every grilled cheese lover: instead of butter on the outside, use mayonnaise! It gives the bread flavour and tastes so good

  6. She failed to mention how this would be perfect for a dorm room. Just like all of the other stupid gadgets that eliminate the use of a stove or oven.

  7. I almost set the house on fire when I was 8 thinking "hey maybe I can make a grilled cheese in the toaster since I'm not allowed to use the stove"

  8. Grilled cheese sandwiches are stupid easy to make. This appliance is unnecessary and would honestly be a waste of money. #JustSayin

  9. Soooo she definitely disrespected that glob of cheddar cheese that fell out after she took out the sandwich….I’m very disappointed she didn’t pick that up immediately and eat it😒

  10. My family has had a machine like this not made of plastic and toxic hazards for over 30 years…. Also it was way better than this piece of junk….

  11. This isn’t the best small appliance. You can do better with a toaster oven, sandwich press, or in a pan on the stove.

  12. Jesus Christ. The colour of US cheddar is NOT how it looks in other countries. So artificial. Also a fellow commenter mentioned our toastie presses in England. SO GOOD. I put grated cheese and a touch of marmite in. Sometimes turkey slices too. TRUST ME ON THIS. The sealed outside gets crispy and tastes like twiglets

  13. Grilled cheese is what I offer my clients at the treatment center I work at. When your going through shit a grilled cheese helps.

  14. I'm so confused… This is an appliance that almost everyone had or has right? Just a toaster.. Growing up we never made grilled cheese in a pan. Always a device like this.

  15. All my fears for this thing were confirmed by that huge glob of cheese that immediately fell out when she removed the sandwich. When I make a grilled cheese sandwich, I want the cheese to remain in the sandwich. Not in a pile on my cutting board. You just can't make a grilled cheese sandwich in a vertical device. Gravity is real.

  16. This is a glorified toaster that tries to prevent the cheese from dripping down by making the tray solid at the bottom, but the cheese can still drip out of the sides. It also costs more then a cheap nonstick frying pan. You're better off with a frying pan. And if you don't have a stove top, buy a stand alone burner with the frying pan. You'll be able to do way more with it then this.

    And american cheese is a processed cheese product, which to me is not real cheese. The greatest lie the marketers for it had, was calling it american cheese so it sounds patriotic. It's junk. And a good cheddar cheese is so much better then any processed cheese product.

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