INKSCAPE Tutorial: Create Website Design in Inkscape

i will show you how to make website design like this, this is a final goal in this tutorial download 960 grid setup 960 grid to inkscape finish setup document in inkscape hope u like this tutorial. enjoy 😀

11 Replies to “INKSCAPE Tutorial: Create Website Design in Inkscape”

  1. Can I make it so that if I change the canvas size, the grid will adjust to it proportionally, if I want to make responsive layouts? I can't find a solution to this problem online.

  2. The EDM soundtrack to this video gives me an idea of exactly how old you are. Thank god for the mute feature.

  3. This video would be so much better without that music as well as could have less dislikes. Thanks for the video anyways.

  4. Well thanks for the tips especially for that grid system one. Create more update on UI design tutorial or review on recommended plugin/setting it would be interesting.

    Thumbs up.

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