Is A2P RCS Messaging a Money Maker for Mobile Carriers?

Derek: So do you think from like an Interop
standpoint, sales standpoint, is it essentially being sold as like a moneymaker for carriers
now with the A2P? Because the P2P it’s kind of like, yeah, there’s
a lot of other options out there for P2P, and it’s kind of becoming the same, you know,
on WhatsApp, like you have all the features and functionality you need most of the time
for iMessage. Is that how you’re selling it, as like this
could be a huge revenue line for you guys because brands are gonna want to pay and they’re
not gonna do it on WhatsApp or… It’s just too much distributed, like they’re
gonna be on your network. Do they see it as like a revenue line item? Like, is that the North Star for them? Josh: Yes, absolutely. Derek: Okay. Josh: So there’s two things. One, they need to really protect the existing
revenue. Because right now the only business messaging
that exists, I mean granted WhatsApp and those guys they’re stepping into it, right, and
the Vibers of the world. But today, when you look at A2P business messaging,
carriers own that market. You could have said this 10 years ago about
P2P messaging. Where did it go, right? So they need to do something to protect that
because it will move to rich communications. The brands are gonna want not just 160 characters
with a link, they’re gonna want this new rich experience. And if it’s not provided by the operator in
RCS, then they’ll move to WhatsApp, to Viber, to Apple Business Chat. They’ll move to a different channel that will
give them this experience because, you know, it is a richer, more engaging conversational
experience, whether it’s in the native messaging inbox or the OTT users are in messaging. You know, they’re not picking up the phone
and wanting to call for customer care and support. They want to jump out. And you know, right now it’s probably via
web, they want to do web-based chat. But if it’s there in the inbox or there in
WhatsApp or wherever they can reach it, that is where the eyeballs are, that is where consumers
have gone, to messaging applications. Derek: So it’s almost like they’re a little
fearful, they’ve lost maybe the P2P, you know, and they’re looking at A2P currently makes
them money? Josh: Large amounts of money. Derek: Large amount, and they’re saying you
either can improve on it and maybe make more money, become part of the ecosystem, you know,
be more value-added, or you could just lose the A2P and it’s gonna go over to another
service. So it’s a little bit fear-based, almost, but
it’s real, like it could happen. Josh: It definitely could. But I mean, definitely, we’re not selling
on the fear factor because I mean, certain…it’ll take a while to get there, I think. And there’s probably use cases that it doesn’t
make sense to do over WhatsApp, right? It doesn’t make sense to do over Facebook
Messenger from a brand standpoint or certain, let’s say, 2FA. You know, you talk to the brands, you’re like,
“I might be able to reach them via WhatsApp, I might go get them via Messenger, but I know
I can get them via SMS,” right? It’s the known…everybody’s got SMS. If RCS becomes that, then that’d be huge for
the mobile operators. Derek: But things happened quickly. Like, people didn’t even think that like WhatsApp
would become… Josh: Who is this company, right? Derek: We’ve got years, and then it just like
took off. So it is kind of one of those things that
carriers definitely…you know. Because, I think, the tipping point happens
and there’s no returning.

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