Jumpscare Websites! Top 5 Jumpscare Websites you can Visit Right now! + Reactions

*energetic intro* Eyy what’s up buds?! Broken tooth here! Welcome back to a brand new Video and in this
Video, I have risked my life in collecting some of the most scariest jumpscare websites. And by, risking my life I mean that I had
to witness it all myself and if you don’t know me, im not very fond of scary shit! *compilation* Yeah that’s right. If you like what you just saw and want to
see me get scared, I’ll leave a link for my scary shit playlist go check it out later! Now let’s get on with the top 5 scary jumpscare
websites you can visit right now! Number 5: Staggering beauty Let us kick this off with an extremely beautiful
work of art, shall we?! Honestly, whoever created this rat shit creepy
website, put A LOT of effort into it I can tell because of the surprisingly amazing
graphics. Anyways, this is a link where the jumpscare
is not an intended jumpscare but pretty close, it is sudden and will make you jump if you’re
wearing loud headphones. And also, don’t watch this if you have epilepsy. Like, seriously, don’t and don’t even think
of sending this link to your epileptic friend. Just don’t! This was my initial reaction to this website *reaction* Yup! Moving on! Number 4: colorblind test Since the topic of this video is jumpscare
websites, there is no point in trying to surprise you but it will still work like a charm if
you send this seemingly innocent link to your friends! This is just a regular colorblind test, except
it very much isn’t. I don’t want to ruin the teeny tiny element
of surprise that’s still left, so go check it out! Link in the description And of course here’s my initial reaction to
it! *reaction* Yes! I did record my reaction to all the 5 website,
and BOY if you think the last 2 reactions were funny, sit through this whole video. Number 3: Bong Chong Dong Ghost Yeah I know it’s really fun to say, Bong Chong
Dong Ghost! But it’s not even half as fun to read! Yes, I said ‘read’. it is a comic and I’m pretty sure most of
you are familiar with this ridiculously online scary comic book. And that’s why I have it on number 3, otherwise,
this is sure to be in the top 2. However, if you haven’t heard of this, you’re
in for a treat! What is it about you ask? Well, to keep the element of surprise, let’s
just say that is a scary comic book for now. Witness it for yourself at your own risk,
because as I said it’s pretty fucking terrifying! And of course, my reaction *reaction* Number 2: findminecraft.com Many of you will have not heard of this link
but what you will see, will be terrifying and also something familiar if you have read
‘creepypastas’ okay, I think I have spoiled enough! Go check it out at your own risk and this
DISORDER!! And, here *reaction* Number 1: okay, I don’t know about any other
links but this shit will make you jump and it is a YouTube video, so I will guarantee
that you will jump if you watch it without dragging your mouse through the seek bar And also, this is not particularly scary,
it just happens sooo fucking suddenly, you will not expect it! I mean, of course YOU will expect it because
I just ruined it for you but again, it still has a large chance to make you jump. And… *reaction* Okay! That’s all Budds, just a quick video I wanted
to make. You can check out all the links, it will be
on the description box below! Make sure you leave a like if you enjoyed! And hit that red subscribe button for more
scary content, like seriously, I have a whole playlist, you must check out link in the description! Also, DO SHARE THIS VIDEO on all social media…okay,
share this video after you’re done pranking your friends with one of these links…cool? And also, you can follow me on twitter, Instagram,
and google + link in the description! With that ‘YOU’ guys have a great day and
‘I’ will see you soon! *outro*

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  1. Hope you Budds are doing great! the links to all the websites will be in the description…also dont forget to check out the Scary Shit playlist….link in the description! and i just realized i forgot to mention the name of the last link…the video is titles 'Taken' 😉

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