JYNX – A New Facebook Alternative

[Above Average] [male] Facebook can be fun, but
sometimes when you load it up. You see opinions from friends and family that are a little… uncomfortable. That’s why we’ve created Jynx. A new Facebook alternative that only connects you with people who share all your opinions. With Jynx, you only see posts from friends who agree with your views on social issues, politics and entertainment. With Jynx, you won’t see anymore updates from, your slightly racist uncle. Unless you’re slightly racist, in which case, that’s all you’ll see. Jynx also makes it easy to agree with your friends. With helpful preset buttons
for popular comments. Oh my god, yes… And when you and a friend post the exact same status, you’ll both get… Jynxed Cool. The more you get Jynxed, the higher your Jynx score. Which lets everyone know
how popular your opinions are. Regardless of whether
they’re right or wrong. No more defriending,
hiding or unfollowing. Jynx just lets you go everyday without ever seeing something
you don’t agree with. Jynx. Cause you and your friends… Are right about everything. [Music] [Above Average Productions]

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