KODI Shortcuts – Create Home Page Shortcuts

How to create home screen shortcuts, on XBMC, kodi. go to system, settings. Now, on Appearance, skin, and enter on settings. Now go to add-on shortcuts, and create your Home page shortcuts by category. Videos, Music, Pictures or Programs. Now on the home page screen, you should see your preferred shortcuts. If this video was helpful, give us a like, comment. and subscribe

19 Replies to “KODI Shortcuts – Create Home Page Shortcuts”

  1. How do I get more than 5 add on spots? I am trying to program an android box for my daughter and my android box has 25 add on spots.

  2. Thank you very much for this. May I ask what software you used for the screencapture and for the editting? Really slick!

  3. Shortcuts and favourites are two separate things. It's took me about half an hour to realise this despite having set it up correctly on a different device previosuly.

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