100 Replies to “Lewandowski: Trump never asked me to help him fire Mueller”

  1. The question was did Trump tell you to deliver the message, not if you deliver it or not. The report said you didn't deliver, but you tried. The report also stated the meeting with Session was canceled, then you tried to get someone else to deliver it.

  2. Trump is going to win reelection in 2020. The only thing the Democrats have to run on is a treadmill of empty promises and policies that will bankrupt our country and suppress free markets.

  3. Face it President Trump is INNOCENT. accept it and MOVE ON. God Bless President Trump who will be re-elected in 2020!

  4. Are you Insane! This Guy is 3rd Iind for the Liars of America Club! So, Mueller lied in the Report ! Russia dif not Interfere in the. Fox has become A Cult! Bronze Star, Purple Heart, 2 Combat V( In Action) Awards. Injured still Staye in Vietnam ( Bone Spurs Draft Dodger was A Coward – Deny That!). Mueller is the most Honor able Person in DC

  5. Your Fraud, Fraud liar Who Had to say this.Will Now be dragged into the House. Demorats will have his Voice analyzed and A body Motion Expert Will be there.Evn the hint of a lie and he Will be in a Cell next To Cohen anf Manafort- Trumps( lawyer-Fixer) and Manafort( Trumps Campaign Manager). You have Just sent Him to Jail. No pardons-SDNY

  6. DIPSHIT–he was NEVER given a piece of paper to give Sessions. You jerks, just can't get over it. You will try to implicate something whether it existed or not. You make me sick.

  7. So despite Corey's rambling word salad, don the con gave him a letter to deliver to Sessions asking Sessions to cover for lil donnie's bad behavior and change the scope of Mueller's investigation to future elections and not the one in which Russia helped him win. Just in case you need a citation, the info pertaining to Corey is at the top of page 5 in volume 2 of the report. Corey is a shill and his boss is a conman. We have known this for years now.

  8. Why didn’t obama stop the Russians?
    Oh yeah, he promised Putin he’d be flexible,,,,,,
    I’d love to hear about the round table they had in regards to that decision hahaha

  9. Why would President Trump ask someone to fire Mueller when he has the right to do it himself? Everyone knows if President Trump gets something in his head he doesn’t throw his hands in the air and give up.

  10. I am waiting for the question of how an investigation with no evidentiary premise of criminal wrongdoing, now proven to be a complete hoax, could have been allowed to start in the first place, continue like an out if control wrecking ball.p, and terminate with any credible result The damage done to our country, it's institutions, and many innocent people, is unforgivable. And to add insult to injury, this bastard Mueller writes a biased report attempting to slanderTrump further. The same approach and tactics must be used on the real criminals.

  11. This guy, Lewandowski, is a liar. He smiles when he lies because he believes he is harming people of the United States. His evil smirk is more than him just getting away with something, it is a look into a tainted person. This guy is so wrong that he should be held liable not just for his lies, but the damage he is doing to the people. Make sure this guy's finances are fully explained, who did he help rob to get on the Trump team?

  12. The report stated some guy who's last name begins with "M" (Macnamara?) was asked to fire Mueller. This story is an obfuscation.

    I read much of the report. I'm not at home, and on my phone now. I can post the correct name later.

    The investigation into Trump
    And his campaign was certainly merited. And, when Mueller was appointed, the Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate. The Republicans could have stopped Mueller's appointment, but top Republicans on the House Intelligence committee wanted the investigation. Blaming it on Democrats shows ignorance. The investigation started in mid-2016, long before the dossier.

    There were at least 9 reasons to justify the investigation.

  13. The crooks in Washington love a multi-faceted, convoluted run around to distract the idiots of America so that nobody notices that the crooks in the Congress are not doing their job or doing & saying anything that makes sense. More stupid blame games & guilt trips for the American people who will have to pay for all this incompetence somewhere down the road. Do any of you evil jerks want to accuse me of being "addicted" to something to shut me up? If so go jump in a lake.

  14. The recusal started the investigation? You realize all the recusal did was allow someone else to make the decision. If the President did not lie so much and throw a hissy fit every time someone calls him out on it, there would not have been a need for an investigation. If you believe that Sessions needed to stop the investigation to protect Trump, you do not believe Trump is innocent.

  15. It doesn't matter if trump told someone to fire Mueller or not because he wasn't fired he was allowed to complete his investigation thinking about or even talking about robbing a bank isn't bank robbery . The report was made and no criminal charges were filed against trump that's it it's over. Congress can keep stirring up accusations all they want but the fact is there's nothing they can do they can't arrest or charge or prosecute anyone including the president all they could do is refer it to the justice department . The justice dept has already stated there is no evidence to bring obstruction charges so this is all just political theater at this point . The house could impeach trump because it takes a simple majority vote to do so but what most of the people screaming for impeachment don't realize is that it also means nothing they think impeachment means trump is gone and it doesnt the Senate will then need to convict him in a trial then get 2/3 of votes to remove him from office that will never happen . All that will do is light a fire under the asses of every person who voted for trump and you can bet he will be reelected in 2020 . Meanwhile the Democrats are doing absolutely nothing for the country . It looks to me like its trump until 2024

  16. I guess u need job at white house..u didn't answer the question…Did president ask u to give paper to Jeff…How did ididot like u got a job in America..You are idiot and u should be working at the garbage center…Idiot

  17. Under oath these fools came out with what they did but now in public they continue to lie. There is your Trump Administration and associates.

  18. If he says he was never asked by the president or by anyone else to fire Mueller, then why does Mueller say he did in the report. Barr needs o bring this up or someone does.

  19. Mueller pushed Bush's lies of WMD in Iraq and pushed the lie that Sadam was going ot give terrorists a dirty bomb so people would support Bush's illegal and immoral invasion of a country that was zero threat to the USA. Then Obama re-appointed Mueller as FBI director. Obama and Bush both liked Mueller – proof Mueller is the epitomy of deep state criminal.

  20. Why are all these clowns still whining and crying? You say it exonerated Trump, and no collusion, etc. yet you're so upset about what other people think? Why? If he's innocent, what are you so worried about? Doesn't sound like he's very innocent to me. What was up with all these "countless" contacts with Russians?

  21. When will Schiff for brains and the other buttholes be subpoenaed, made to testify publicly to reveal their hard evidence against Trump

  22. Democrats and MSM will keep pushing guilty till proven innocent with no evidence till 2020. TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!

  23. Viewers should read Mueller Report Volume II Pages 90-94 for a truthful report of Trump’s very specific request to interfere 😡

  24. Dont hold your breath for the Horowitcz report. He will whitewash any wrong doing by the kabal. Just as he did with the Strzok and Page question of their animus against President Trump. Horowitcz will refer to a 1000 page novel that will have no indictments recommended. He will place his hands over it as if it were the word of God. He is a globalist and a Comey pal.

  25. All these demo-morons need a lesson in our justice system? Ex: Some stupid she demo…blonde was on Fox last night, wearing a blue dress ( devil in a blue dress), stated not referring to President Trump, but to an investigation and the indictments of spying on the Trump campaign by the snake inc. "You are innocent until proving guilty" So, when did she realize this and when does this NOT apply to our President, in their moronic minds!

  26. Lewandowski Another minion to Trump.Every one in this White House are liars.Pathetic crew.I wonder are they Reborn Christians .We all know good old Sarah is.The Devil will get you.I laugh each day how you all survive theses lies.

  27. OMG…Lewandowski just invited himself to the Oversight Committee hearings! Unbelievable that FOX NEWS is now calling the Mueller Report Fake News! Where does it end?

  28. This clip is the biggest con job interview ever. Be proud Fox. Quick Corey, go craw under your rock before someone that knows how to conduct an interview finds you.

  29. Ok, these people are so stupid or I guess I should say they, think the American people are stupid! Before the report came out everybody loved Mueller, he was the greatest. He could do no wrong! Because Muller did not say or do what the DemoRATS what and are not happy with his report he's no good! These paid DemocRats need to get their buts to work and do their jobs, instead of trying to cover their up their own dirty laundry. I love it ❤️ they keep making fools of themselves. I will continue to support Our Great President Trump Nov 3rd, 2020 Trump 2020

  30. Great updated coverage, Great show on Fox News! A President That, We The American People Can Depend On To Get Job Done For The United States Of America! President Donald J.Trump!

  31. MUELLER & the 13 angry DEMs LIED?? Shocking!! That is why Mueller report is worthy of toilet paper! These Clinton coverup thugs must be arrested!

  32. goes to show they're all liars and treasonous traitors nothing but an attempted coup all funded by George scrotum face soros

  33. so they are questioning mueller on the hill under oath. this should at least be one of the questions and get him under oath testifing that he lied in his report.



  36. Why cant Mr Trump just sue the hell out of them for slandering him ? Look it's already proven he had nothing to do with what they were trying to charge him for . As soon as its proven they are wrong they continue on isnt that obstruction of justice. Because they are keeping him from keeping Americans safe they should have to at least pay back all the money they paid themselves for this witch hunt

  37. mueller's report says trump merely asked him to deliver messages to sessions never asked him to help fire mueller

  38. This whole thing is ridiculous. The Russian collusion narrative was a democrat hoax. Comey deliberately set an investigation in motion to keep the hoax going. Of course democrats aren’t concerned about an abuse of the justice system to perpetuate a hoax and are instead are trying to criminalize Trump’s frustration about being set up.

  39. sessions had to recuse per ethics dept at DOJ. Good for him, he stood his ground, and followed the law. He did not step into the swamp with trump

  40. People that believe in a "deep state" are just WILLFULLY ignorant!

    Why would they not inform the WORLD that they were investigating him? Why?!

    Cory L was under oath, scared and snitching in front of Mueller, now he's acting bad and bold like he didn't snitch.🤣🤣🤣

  41. So why did the asshole tell mueller he did!!! russia enstalled trump . Trump never was elected… that’s why trump never won the popular vote.

  42. Lewandowski admits that Trump asked him to deliver a message to Sessions to have Mueller alter his investigation. This whole clip is a fraud.

  43. Like he asked Corey to fire muller, yea ok Corey does not have that power, I mean really people actually believe that. Unbelievable

  44. Why does Lewandowski say under oath something completely different than when he is here on Fox News? Don't get me wrong, if President Donald Trump wanted to stop the investigation, according to my layman knowledge, he was in his legal rights to do so and it would only be a political issue. But the continuous lying is a danger to the democracy.

  45. LOL…you idiots don't realize how he phrased the question. "Did the president ever ask you to fire Robert Mueller?" No.
    Of course not…
    The report says the president asked Corey to instruct Jeff Sessions to unrecuse himself and limit the scope of the special counsel's investigation to only FUTURE presidential campaigns. Then Trump later asks Corey to fire Sessions if the AG doesn't take the meeting. Facts are important to a story!
    It's also important to point out that Corey was under oath during his testimony to the special counsel…not during this spin campaign.

  46. The Mueller report doesn't report anything about Trump asking Lewandowski to help fire Mueller, so this contrived false positive denial is misleading. What Trump DID ask Corey Lewandowski was to tell the Attorney General Sessions to unrecuse himself and for Sessions to order Mueller to focus the Russia investigation on preventing future election interference. One can find this information, the outline of a speech that Trump wanted Sessions to give, and the rest of the circumstances by actually reading the report.

  47. Great interview Corey. Love your book w/David Bosse, Let Trump Be Trump. You're one of the sincere, good guys, even defying CNN back in the days of latter 2016. The Pres. knows he can trust you. Hope there are many more there like you, so another 'D.Cohen' or 'amaros' type deceiver never gets in. God bless y'alls families, God Bless America. We pray for you as we have from the start.

  48. The man said something under oath to Mueller, then he comes on Cable TV (where he isn't under oath, where partisans on both side routinely misinform the public), he is asked a direct question @ 1:50 relating to what is in the Mueller report, he dodges answering the question (instead says things like "I never delivered any documents to Jeff Sessions." The report does not say you did) and you believe him? I hope you'll encourage him to go before either house of congress (where'll he'll be under oath again) and hear what he says then.

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