Libreng 50,000 Pesos Online! Paano ako kumita ng $1000 sa isang website?

As you can see, i already made a withdrawal of 0.14810302 BTC and if we will convert this to Philippine Peso i earned free 50,769 PHP or $1000! Do you want to earn free $1000 in a legit website? Whats up future millionares! My name is Aiza Mercado and welcome back again in Earn Money With Aiza where i will be teaching you again how to make money online! If this is your 1st time in my channel please subscribe now and open the notification bell to get updates on my upcoming videos! Before we start, i would like to make a shout out.. He is a new friend and also a vlogger which we can earn money too with his Youtube Channel. Shout out to CRYPTO GAMING! Lets see his videos, and he is posting clips where we can make money too. Like for example, he used datdrop site and usually he used earning gaming apps/sites! Stay tuned with this channel coz he will posting new features and contents everyday! Then again, i will put his link in my video description and please subscribe to him now! Okay, going back… I will be sharing now the site where i earned $1000. Visit the site “” Check my channel, i already posted video about this site named “7 websites to claim free bitcois + no lose tricks” i will put the video link in my description or (i) button will appear where you can watch the video. This video is a complete guide, step by step plus, i shared here my no lose tricks for multiplier. You can watch it and here in my Coinpot, as you can see yesterday i already made a withdrawal of 0.14810302 BTC and i will pop out here in my screen so show you how legit it is and i received it in my wallet. and if we will convert this to Philippine Peso i earned free 50,769 PHP or $1000! If you will ask, if Coinpot is still legit ofcourse it is 100% legit where we can earn free bitcoins and if you will take time and be patient in claiming here we will get a huge amount of money! Okay now, i will be teaching you how to claim in Coinpot. In my previous video, you can see i put 7 links and this links are the 7 faucets that we can get free crypto currency and payout is directed to Coinpot. If you open the 7 sites, you need to sign in too. You need to use your Coinpot email address then proceed to sign in. Do the sign in procedure with the rest of 6 websites. Okay, so now i will teach you how to claim. Here in Moon Cash, we will get Bitcoin Cash you will see available balance, click claim now click im not a robot answer this capcha then claim. As you can see, faucet claim successful and when you close the window you must wait atleast 5 mins to claim again. You will do this in all faucets like for example, in Moon dash which you can get Dash Coin. faucet claim successful Next, Moon Bitcoin In Moon Doge, you can earn doge coins. Moon Litecoin, litoshi. Bonus bitcoin, you can get free btc. And for the last faucet, bitfun. Earn satoshi… I claimed it all, and now lets proceed to my dashboard refresh the site so you can see now your new balance. Here is now my new balance and you need to claim over and over until you make lots of earnings! There you go, just claim using this 7 faucets and after 5 mins, you can claim again! What good about it is that… This BCH, DOGE, LTC, DASH even this Coinpot Tokens can be converted into Bitcoin Core and bitcoin core is BITCOIN. How to do it? For example, here in BCH then click this “convert BCH to” from here, you can choose currency you wanted BCH to convert to like for example, select bitcoin core then click “maximum amount” to convert you can convert it now by entering your password or 2fa code then click convert. Okay, now lets confirm. and BOOM! BCH is now convert to BTC. then close, you will do this conversion in all currency you will convert it all if you want to cashout via btc. If you want to cashout your BTC, go to your bitcoin core then click withdraw bitcoin core. select withdraw to bitcoin core wallet any btc wallet can do and min. withdrawal is 0.0001 btc or 10,000 satoshi enter here your btc wallet address you can use, coinbase, abra wallet any btc wallet can do, its okay. You can set your withdrawals to max amount Enter your password too and click im not a robot. Okay thats it, thats how easy to withdraw here and how easy to use Coinpot. All you have to do is to claim, claim, claim here in 7 sites and if you want to double up your Coinpot Tokens just visit my previous video. I shared my tricks how i double up my coinpot tokens. You can watch it and remember, multiply at your own risk. Its easy to earn here right? All you have to do is to claim, claim and claim to make earnings and convert it all to bitcoin core. This is my short update in Coinpot take note: it still pays and legit! Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to Earn Money with Aiza and Aiza Mer 2.0 to get updates to my latest video where we can earn money online. Then again, thanks for watching stay cool, stay payaman. My name is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

100 Replies to “Libreng 50,000 Pesos Online! Paano ako kumita ng $1000 sa isang website?”

  1. Sis. I tried to register using my personal email sa CoinPot pero diko gets yung kelangan ng confirmation ng IP address?

  2. Mam aiza pwde po magtanong yng sa airdrop ba doon sa dogex yng need kyc bago ba lumabas sa balance mo yng free ustd kailngan maverify muna yng kyc????wla kc lumalabas sa balance ko eh pending pa kyc ko sapamat po sa sagot

  3. Thanks My dear๐Ÿ‘ผAiZa , refer to na.po ak sa coinpot &. 7 faucets , truly nka widraw na ako dito, salamuch sa update po

  4. hi po Ms. Aiza. been claiming po sa dogecoin and litecoin, i wonder why wala po pumapasok sa account ko po ng dogecoin and liecoin sa dashboard ko po.. ๐Ÿ™ what to do po> thank you po in advance sa reply..

  5. Ms Aiza, your videos are always very great and legit.Keep up the good work. Thanks for your giveaways, though I don't spend pesso(Iam in Nigeria) but I can accept other form of giveaway

  6. Legit ba talaga to ate aiza ang tagal ko na po kase sa life points e sabi nyo madali lang, pero ito po kaya ilang araw nyo ginawa? Bago magka 50 thousands

  7. Hi Ms. Aiza! They have an app, too. And there's more free bitcoins that you can claim โ˜บ Just look for "CLAIM MULTI FAUCET – COINPOT & MAS" on Playstore

  8. This is the first crypto site that I joined after watching the first video mo po. This is really legit.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ Thank u so much nga po pala sa pagshare nitong site๐Ÿ˜˜

  9. Wow! Sana all. ๐Ÿ˜€ Makakatulong ito para makabili din ako ng laptop kahit na 2nd hand lng sana para sa online work. Thank you for sharing it again with us miss Aiza! ๐Ÿ˜€ Lagi akong sumusubaybay sa inyong YouTube channel. God bless you miss Aiza! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡

  10. Hi po ate! Tanong ko lang po kung bakit hindi na coconvert yung iba into btc? Yung token and dogecoin lang po yung naconvert ko pa lang. May minimun po ba yan sa iba para maconvert?

  11. Ms. Aiza, pag po dalawa pc tapos isang account ginamit doble po ba makukuha? tsaka po saan po pwede i withdraw? Thank you po

  12. Miss Aiza, pwede ba gumamit ng brave browser sa coinpot? kase adsblocker yung brave e diba po? pero nakakapag claim ako sa coinpot.. maba-ban po ba account ko sa coinpot kapag gumamit ako ng brave? pc user po ako.

  13. Hi Aiza
    Thank you for sharing.

    pwede mo ba ako bigyan ng idea kung gaano mo katagal trinabaho ung 50k?

    thank you โ™ฅ

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