Looking for work: Resources on the alis website

If your clients are looking for employment
or looking to change jobs, then alis has a lot to offer. Before your clients start sending out applications,
they can use these alis resources to make sure their resumé, cover letter,
and interview skills are the best they can be so that they can find the right job. alis offers access to a number of resources
to help your clients find that right job including job postings, job banks,
resources for a successful job search, and work search publications
customized for different types of job seekers. Let’s begin with Alberta job postings. The job postings can be found
as one of the main image options on the homepage. Another way to find the job postings
is to go to the Look for Work section and click on the Alberta Job Postings tile. The job listings provided on alis are
pulled directly from the Canada Job Bank, but are specific to Alberta. Narrow the list down
by searching for keywords, or by using the filters
located at the top of the page. View the details of the job
by clicking the job title. This will display information like
education or experience requirements, salary, and closing date. The posting will also have instructions
for applying for the job. Your clients can save jobs that they’re
interested in so they can go back to them anytime. First, they need to sign up for an alis account. Enter an email enter a password and answer a few questions. Click Create My Account
and signup is complete. Now, your clients can sign in
to their new alis account by entering their email and password. Then, return to the Job Postings. The quickest way is to go back
to the homepage. Save jobs by clicking on the save flag
which is located to the right of the job title, here or here. Clients can see their saved jobs
in their account in the My Job Search tab. They can also use Job Alerts
to get notified by email when new jobs are posted. Just enter an email address choose a job category and submit the request. If your client is interested in
more than one job category they can go back to Job Alerts
and choose a different category. Your clients can expand their work search
by using other job banks. alis has a list of job banks
and job search engines. Find the Job Banks by
going to the Look for Work section scrolling down to the content filters and choosing Finding Work. We’ve categorized the job banks
for easier browsing. For example, clients can look at
job banks by region job banks made for students or job boards specific to Indigenous job seekers. Now it’s time to make sure
your client’s job search is successful. Once your clients know the jobs
they want to apply to they will need to ensure
they have a well-written resumé. Go to the Look for Work section and choose the Resumés and References tile. This page has information on
creating a resumé master, choosing a resumé type to use, customizing a resumé
for each job application, and other useful tips. This page also shows who
your clients should choose as their references
and how to ask them. Most companies will ask for a cover letter
in addition to a resumé. Go back to the Look for Work section and choose the Cover Letters tile. It’s important for your clients to understand
how cover letters are used and what they need to highlight
in these letters. Remind your clients that each
job application should have a cover letter customized for it. They can look at the sample cover letters to get a feel for what they
should include in their letters. Now that your clients have sent off
their resumés and cover letters, it’s time to prepare for future interviews. Once again in the Look for Work section choose the Interviews and Offers tile. Your clients can learn what some
typical interview questions could be and how to answer them. They can also look at some of the
suggested questions they may want to ask the employer so they can make
a good impression and find out more about the job they’re applying for. And what should your clients do
after an interview? They can discover a few
suggestions to complete, or if everything goes well,
learn how to handle a job offer. The job search resources on alis
are available online, but they are also available
in publication format. Go to the Tools and Resources section and choose the Order Publications tile. Go to the Category dropdown menu and choose Work Search. alis has several work search publications
that can be easily downloaded, and most are also available
to be ordered for free. Here are some publications
that cater to job seekers of different skill levels. Advanced Techniques for Work Search
focuses on a more experienced job seeker, someone who has been in the workforce
or has post-secondary education or training. The Easy Reading Find a Job publication
is aimed at Albertans with low literacy skills and will show them all the elements of
a successful job search to help them find the job that they want. Choose the publication that works best
for your clients’ needs so they get the most out of their work search. While you’re guiding clients through
the process of looking for work use alis to find information and resources
that assist at every stage of the job search. Make your clients’ work search more successful,
and get them on the way to landing the job they want. If you have any questions,
you can email us at [email protected]

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