M.S. in Cybersecurity & Networks: Where Information Technology and Computer Science Meet

The Master’s program in Cybersecurity
and Networks at the University of New Haven is an extremely flexible program. First
students will get a broad background within areas that everyone needs like
UNIX administration, introduction to programming and scripting, and then the
students can choose between areas that they want to focus in, so they can either
do cybersecurity which is more the offensive part like hacking and
penetration testing. They can choose the forensics aspects so they can go into
analyzing hard drives, they can go into Networks, like enterprise networks,
wireless networks, so they have a broad Spectrum, and they choose their electives
that interest them. Most of our classes especially in the advanced classes are
rather small. I have classes with 12, 10 students only. This allows me to
collaborate with all the students Individually. I can spend time with them
in labs, in exercises. Additional to that, are a lot of our faculty’s research
Actives. This means they’re familiar with the
latest trends with the latest Technologies, and we engage students in
this research. We have a lot of industry collaborations and these industry
partners are happy to come to the University and support our students. We
have local partners from police departments that come and give talks, but
we also have nationwide collaborations with other industry partners that
whenever it’s possible, they try to support us send speakers and help our
students to find internships. Having a strong degree and having access to a lot
of companies in the area as well as major hubs like New York and Boston. This
opens doors and provides a lot of opportunities for our graduate students.

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