MA Public Relations

It’s a very practical course with a
layer of academic text in there as well. Students will learn actually how to do
PR, we teach how to do press releases… how to work on campaigns, we teach ethics because that’s very important. We teach social media because we find a lot of PR is going in that direction as well. So it is very much by the end of this course you will be equipped to be able to actually enter the career of PR. I didn’t have any directly sort of relatable background. So to be able to learn all the skills that are needed within the MA set me off on the perfect sort of stead for
for getting a job. Without it, I’d have been a little bit clueless as to all the different areas of PR. So it really opened my eyes to everything that PR entails. Anything to do with press release writing and media relations,
again, these are things that I do every single day. So to get that background
from a tutor who’s actually worked in the industry as well and has got first-hand
experience of it was really really really useful. I do a networking event purely focused on getting students in front of PR practitioners. We can give them career advice but also have opportunities that the students can hopefully take up. So today, we’ve met lots of different Sunderland University students. Just sort of chatted to them about job opportunities. And what their careers look like in the future and hopefully help them in someway. I think it’s perfect for students, I think it’s great to meet sort of practitioners in the real world as it were and just sort of listen to experiences and you know see if there’s anywhere that we can sort of help them and vice versa,
because of course it’s great if they come and do placements and things for us, so it’s a win-win. So I do it part-time over 2 years, so it’s really flexible you do social media… crisis comms, ethical theory. So it’s like a really really big mix of modules and I think it really helps you
for a future in PR as well. Especially with like the networking
events. Do a placement while you’re studying the course just so you’ve got experience and you’re putting the process of what you’re learning into a job. I’ve come down here for the
last few years actually just to get to know a little bit more about some of the
students that are currently on the course. And find out what they’re up to in the future really, I think as an employer in the region I think it’s vital that we keep those connections going, I mean, we’ve utilised it a few times now and had real success with some of the students here at Sunderland University. Throw yourself into it so if you’ve got creative ideas don’t be afraid to share them with your class, they’ll always be welcomed. Throw yourself into all the opportunities you can and hopefully that’s going to set you up for success in the future. It’s open to anybody, any course that you’ve done at under degree level will have transferable skills. Spend your time knowing what’s going on around you. Read the media, listen to the media, watch
the media. See what people are doing across social media. You really do
need to be aware of what’s going on. The thing about PR is, anything that you love, somebody is doing PR for. So the scope of where you can actually end up is huge.

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