Magix Music Maker Tutorial Midi Recording in Magix Music Maker 2020

In this Magix Music Maker Midi Tutorial I’m looking at setting up your midi keyboard using it to control virtual instruments recording midi into Magix Music Maker and then editing it.
This can be done This can be done in
Magix Music Maker Free, Plus or Premium and the version that I’m
using for this video is Magix Music Maker 2020 Welcome to Simple Green Tech
I’m Radio Zane and on this channel I do
Audio tech tips, tutorials and reviews to help you
unleash your creativity and as I said earlier in the video I’m doing a quick
Magix Music Maker midi tutorial and for this video I’m
using Magix Music Maker 2020 and I’ll be using this the
M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 and if you’re still looking for
a midi controller I put a link to a post on
my website Where I look at some of the best
midi controllers for beginners but if you already have a midi controller let me know in the comments below
which one you use let’s connect our midi keyboard and
get it set up in Magix Music Maker 2020 with your midi keyboard connected to your computer go up to the gear icon and then
click on it and click on audio/midi and then in
here where it says input device. You want to make sure
that your midi keyboard is selected there if it’s not you
just click on it and you’ll select it that way
now you don’t have to worry about any of the other settings
click OK now let’s bring an instrument
over into track 1 I’m going to choose Revolta 2 and it loads in this
default midi clip here just delete that because
we’re going to make our own You want to make sure that right here
it says Midi Record. if it doesn’t just click there until it
says midi record now we’re essentially ready
to record some midi notes you might want to make
sure that the metronome is clicked on
so you can have that click track and now all we have to do
is press the record button and once you’re done
recording you can edit your midi by double clicking on
the midi clip and this brings up the
piano roll here and if you want to do a
just a quick quantize you can click on the Q here and you
can see that it’s lined everything up You can also set it to quantize
to a specific note like an 8th, 16th, 32 or whatever or you can just click and
drag your notes around and if you want to remove
a note just right click on it and it’s gone now let’s say we want to
draw in some more notes maybe we want to put something
at the beginning here choose the pencil tool and
then you just draw it in however long you want it and if you want to adjust the
velocity of your notes maybe you played too hard
or too soft at a certain part You can easily just click on
the velocity icon here and you can see down here we have these velocity bars
and to edit them you just click drag either up or down
whichever way you need to ok let’s say this
is done editing and now we want to use this
clip like it’s a loop so we want to have it go over
and over again so what we’ll do is just
press CTRL on your computer keyboard
hold that down and then click and drag and you now have a copy of that clip and you can keep doing that
as many times as you want click right here to see my
Magix Music Maker Video Playlist and click down here to see what
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8 Replies to “Magix Music Maker Tutorial Midi Recording in Magix Music Maker 2020”

  1. Thank you for watching. Check out my Magix Music Maker Video Playlist here
    or check out my midi controllers for beginners guide here

  2. Why do I have in MMMaker 2019 and 2020 in MIDI editor in the last fractions of a beat sound disappears? If after the first measure will follow the second, the sound disappears in the last.

  3. Thanks for making this video – I had been waiting for it since you mentioned it in another video.
    I'm trying to decided whether to dive into Magix or whether to go with Cakewalk – it seems Cakewalk might have more options for expanding with VST's. It appeats Magix is a little more geared towards loop based music production and I'm not sure they allow 3rd party plugins – what's your experience?

  4. HI, I'm trying to put in my own notes into a bar but it copies it through the whole track for each bar. Do you know how for it to not do this?

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