Make HTML webpages online in Google Drive Docs

Login into Google Drive account at Goto Create> Document option First, rename the document file Now lets add Header, goto Insert>Header Upload logo image, goto Insert>Image option Center align logo image for better view Type webpage title or tagline Select written text and then Center align it Change the text color, background and style Now lets add Horizontal line, goto Insert>Horizontal Line Lets paste or type some description text on webpage Again add another Horizontal line Now add table, goto Insert>Table option Add some text in table columns Select table content & format text style Insert another horizontal line Add special symbol, goto Insert>Special Characters Click to add any symbol from the listing Type footer disclaimer text & format text style Now save this document as HTML page Goto File>Download As>Web Page option Copy downloaded zip folder into seperate folder Right click & click Extract all option to unzip folder contents Open the folder & click ‘Mywebsite’ file Your webpage will open the browser That was simple, right ?

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