Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Resource Pack Tutorial Part 1; Setup

Hey, guys. This video is a tutorial for creating resource packs for Bedrock Edition. Ill be giving step by step instructions as they are happening on screen. First, you need to download the Vanilla Texture Pack. You can find the link to all of the websites I show in the description. Don’t be afraid to stop and rewind if you missed something. Once you have the file downloaded you need to extract it. If you don’t have a program capable of doing that then follow the link in the description and download WinRAR. It’s free and easy to use. Now we’re going to extract the folder so we can access the files inside. When that is done go ahead and close the zip file, we won’t need it anymore. Now for the hard part. We need to find where all the files are stored for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. For this, I recommend looking in the description to see the file path you need to follow. It’s quite long. Click AppData at the top. Local Packages Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe LocalState games And we’re finally there! Click com.mojang and then right-click it. Click Pin to Quick access. This will bookmark it so you dont ever have to go through this process again. Now go into the folder and open the development_resource_packs folder. Drag the Vanilla Resource Pack folder into this folder. Open the folder we just moved. Now open manifest.json I recommend using the program I show here, Visual Studio Code, but any text editor will work. Visual Studio Code just makes everything look much cleaner. It also helps keep you from making mistakes that will break the .json file when editing. Again this link is in the description. Now inside of manifest.json there are a few things we can change. First, the name and description of the pack. Set these to whatever you want. You can also use Minecraft’s color codes to add color to either the name or description. Next we have to set the UUID This is very important and is how Minecraft can tell your pack apart from someone else’s. I like the use this UUID Generator website to get unique UUIDs Just copy the UUID Then paste it over the top UUID. We’re going to do the same thing to the second UUID, but it has to be a different UUID than the one we used for the first one. Just refresh the page to get another UUID Then it’s the same steps, just copy and paste Now all we have to do is save and close this window. Boot up Minecraft and your resource pack should be right there. If it doesn’t show up go through your manifest.json and make sure everything is right. If you accidentally delete something you shouldn’t have or added something where it shouldn’t be your pack can break. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments. I’ll get to them as soon as possible and answer as best as I can. Thanks for watching! Hope this helped you!

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