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  1. More individual kitchen gadget tests here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olFYfhtScR4&list=PLfItiEY3o1msZB4DJXPXdg2qKBsG3nGav

    Or if you prefer a few gadgets bunched together here is the other playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hECAxPxsdmo&list=PLfItiEY3o1mua5cnCEz2ssWLQbS6ZiSIq

  2. You are going to love the pasta maker! I got mine off EBay for about $60 usd. Made ramen, lasagne & pasta for Mac & Cheese. Your kids are going to love it too!

  3. Can you please show how to clean these gadgets after use? How time consuming or easy it is? Because for me a gadget only makes sense if its easy cleanable… This pot for example looks like a nightmare to clean afterwards with all the cheese, flour and grease… and the power cable still sticking to it

  4. "There has got to be a better way" Yeah Barry, the way you normally do it. I'm surprised something like this even exists lol.

  5. Converting the voltage from 230vAC to 110vAC isn't the only thing you need to worry about. That thing draws 1200W of power, while your converter can only handle 45W 2:17 so I'm surprised it worked at all. Your converter might have been sending 220vAC to that thing, making it potentially dangerous.
    In the future, you should check the required input power of your appliance and then get a converter than can handle higher than that required input power. 🙂

  6. I have one of these at home too, only the brand I got calls itself a "pot" or a "saucepan".
    No, but Barry, making a one-pot mac and cheese without any extra gadgets is a thing, and it's really easy.
    You basically cook your pasta directly in the milk.
    Look up the YouTube channel "Food Wishes" and he'll show you how to do it.
    Maybe do a "Barry Tries" video and compare Chef John's one pot version to whatever this thing creates.
    I actually haven't finished the video yet.

  7. This is perfect for people who don’t own a stove or a microwave or enough money to go to a restaurant, yet have enough money for the machine and all of the ingredients.

  8. Stop consulting the pugs as they always look as though they are in trouble for something when you do. I never see tails wagging.

  9. As said before you need to get a way more beefy (wattage) step-down converter, with a higher wattage than what you plug in (because of conversion losses). Keep in mind that appliances with a decent heater can easily be more than 2000 Watts.

  10. don't even bother trying to clean it, just toss it…what a piece of uselessness..but hey thanks for the review, wasn't wanting it but 40-50 pounds is not worth it I have a double electric hotplate that new cost me less than 15 euro and a pan is a few euros…

  11. Whoever decided that macaroni cheese should be known as 'mac and cheese' should be taken out the back and shot. It just sounds so unappetising. I assume it's an American thing.

  12. Nice though this gadget is, I am sure you can just as easily make the same in a saucepan on the stove…

    Barry have you ever though of doing a video when you make something like this with a gadget and then the same in a saucepan and see which is best.

  13. I love that you are a bargain hunter like myself !
    Most youtubers try to show off how fancy their life is now they gained success!! You keep it real !!

  14. You know, not all American plugs have two-prong fittings. The majority of my appliances here in the US have three-prong plugs.

  15. Remember that Cosby episode (I just want to say Bill Cosby is a disgusting pig don’t think I’m referring to his show that I idolize him anyway) where Cliff has a whole cupboard of gadgets called the “gadget graveyard” it’s like Barry has his own “gadget graveyard” of pointless gadgets

  16. Please increase volume when watching on a cellphone no headphones the volume is very soft I think its something youtube is doing as there are a few channels I follow where iv noticed this change its just so hard to enjoy the vids

  17. More junk from China via USA for UK landfill
    Why do people make this junk
    Why do people buy this junk
    Why do people eat this junk too

  18. I just bought one of these about three weeks ago and was hoping there was a video about it. Then you go and make one! Closest being on the planet to reading my mind. I love it. 🎉🎆🎊 I got mine at a thrift store and it was brand new in the box. I'm so excited!

  19. It would be fab if you did the challenge like BuzzFeed do where you have to make a 3 course meal out of one appliance! So far they've done a microwave, an iron, a coffee maker, and a few others 🤣 would be soooo amazing!

  20. Omg you have good videos. ♥️😍 But this look like 🤮🤮🤮. I am so so sorry who Like this. I am from Finland we don't eat this cinde of mac and chees. 🤣

  21. You know when you come across someone that is so dumb it makes you want to punch yourself in the face until they go away, Barry is that someone! I still love the content though! go figure?!!?

  22. This is the longest drawn out, pointless 15:20 I have ever laid eyes on. Please for the love of God get to the point, we know you need Youtube revenue but find a better way than dragging a simple review like this out.

  23. I think this is the same device that iJustine tried on Rosanna Pansino’s channel. If memory serves they burned themselves too.

  24. Wait a second. Isn't the first part that connects to the ?sewer? Out of plastic ? This madmen just pured boiling hot water down there . Kids don't do that pls


  26. You should call your channel ancient people with modern things. You know because brits still talk and live like the 8th century.

    3 cups is exactly 750 ml, hence why brits can’t cook, they don’t know how numbers work. That was not bacon, it was just thin pork. You don’t put flour in Mac n cheese.

    Don’t worry British people, the world has given up hope for you. You’re ignorant, unintelligent and useless. Stay on the island you’ve been banished to by the Germans (that’s a fact).

  27. This machine reminds me of my hot water kettle when I was in college back in the late 1980s. I made Mac&cheese, hot chocolate.

  28. I'm still stuck on your method of cooking bacon. Adding oil? (In a nonstick pan even?) Preheating the pan?? What are you doing?

  29. Barry! Just a tip for cooking, I noticed you added in oil before heat, you should always add your oil after you heat the pan, you have more chance burning the oil bringing up to heat in the pan rather than adding room temp to a hot pan, don’t ask my why but it’s a Michelin star chef tip I know that much, also should note that the pan should be smoking hot before adding oil in

  30. Barry your adapter needs to be rated for the power of the appliance. If it says 200watt that's means don't use it with a gadget that's has 400watt on 110volt

  31. I guess if you don't have a stove or a microwave that this is practical. But, if you don't have a stove or a microwave, then you probably don't have an outlet to power this cheap plastic disaster.

  32. I am from the porn industry and I think you will be very well suited for the new series of fake kitchen, get in touch if interested!

  33. So I had that mac and cheese maker in uni. I used it has a hot pot/electric kettle. I got it at the good will next to my campus for like $3 US. I cooked in it a lot my first year, then I moved in to a dorm with a kitchen. All my friends learned I can cook and I did a lot.

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