My Extreme Minimalist Job

Hello friends, this is Youheum. I used to work a full time job and now I’m a Digital nomad. I make a living as an Illustrator, Designer, and content creator. Today, I’ll share my transition and some pros and cons. I will also share my reading list and the specific tools I use as a freelancer. I am able to create this video through the sponsorship of Squarespace if you want to dive deeper into website building, e-commerce, and more tools like marketing, Squarespace is the all-in-one platform to build your online creative project. I used to struggle with emotional blocks against manifesting my dream job. It’s okay to face negativities along the way because we’re all capable of fully embracing, accepting, and forgiving our shadows. So our journey doesn’t have to look perfect and it’s okay to experience blocks and struggles. I used to deal with self-doubt, insecurities, and hatred towards those with more freedom and money than me. If you’re currently struggling or if you have already overcome similar blocks in the past, share with me in the comments below. Did you also feel burnt out or drained after work? Have you dealt with passive-aggressive co-workers who refuse to be supportive? I have also gone through this. My worth and talent felt unrecognized and my presence felt unappreciated. I was completely frustrated that I was unhappy with my job. I used to spend my energy focusing on the helpless part of myself, the part that I can’t change immediately like the job structure, this society, and the surrounding people like my boss and co-workers. I simply blamed the Individualistic approach of this world without taking any actions on a personal level. When I realized how toxic and pessimistic I have become, I wanted to get out of this victim mentality and take conscious control over my career path. After practicing minimalism, mindfulness, and using other healing tools like EFT and meditation, my approach and values changed completely. I started to focus more on productivity and less on self-destructive thoughts and I was taking a mindful approach to my business and my finances. I was scared to quit my full-time position but I made up my mind that I no longer wanted to sacrifice my own happiness for a decent paycheck. I wanted to have freedom, flexibility, and be able to fully express my unlimited creative potential. I no longer wanted to be my job. I wanted my job to be me. I wanted to have fun while making money and while being my authentic self. So I transitioned out of my desk job by becoming a contractor which means doing part-time freelance work with the flexibility of working from home time to time. And I know that this is specific to my own position as a designer and illustrator. But other remote positions that I have seen our copywriters, virtual assistants, and social media managers. Also, give me a shout out if you’re working remotely, at home, at cafes, maybe at co-working spaces, or while you are traveling. I would love to know what you’re up to and how you support yourself financially. I only recommend transitioning to contract basis from a full-time position because I have taken that path. I know that everyone’s life situation is very different and unique. I negotiated with my company that I was working 9 to 5 at. I understand that it could be very difficult for some people to do this so feel free to take your time and approach it in your own unique way. If you currently love your full-time job, that’s completely okay and I accept you no matter what. They are definitely downsides to being an entrepreneur, freelancer, or a creative individual pursuing a unique lifestyle. I have the responsibility to be on top of my taxes, contracts, and business expenses. I only say that these things are downsides because I know that it can feel overwhelming at first but once I was able to get on top of it, I was able to be okay with this process. The positive aspect of being a freelancer Includes the freedom to choose my own clients, choose my own place to work at, and set my own rates. But the best part is being able to express my creativity without holding back my fullest potential. Some mindset resources that helped me arrive in this present moment include Ask and It Is Given and Money and The Law of Attraction by the teachings of Abraham Hicks. I also recommend Secrets of The Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker, Success Is For You by David R Hawkins, and Essentialism by Greg McKeown. I take courses for self-development as well and I watch marketing expert videos like Sunny Lenarduzzi. It also helps to create a clear goal with tools like vision boards and journaling. Because I am a solopreneur running everything in my business, I use different apps for bookkeeping, time tracking, appointments, and scheduling. I’ll leave a link to my blog post if you want to know more. For my website, I’m currently using Squarespace. Squarespace allows me to schedule my blog post ahead of time and the Entry Scheduling tool makes it easier for me to plan my post. I’m able to be more intentional with my time. If you’re also ready to build your passion project and creative career, I recommend going to for a free trial. Feel free to take advantage of my 10% off offer for your first website or domain launch when you visit I hope that the resources that I shared today will shed some light in your journey. I know that it’s difficult to let go of fear and resistance of becoming a creative money maker. It helped me to focus less on the material gain and more on the joy of doing what I love. I am grateful that you allowed me to share my transition and my thoughts. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to my channel Thanks again for being here my friends and I hope to see you again soon.

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  1. I work from home as a legal/academic/business transcriptionist. I too transitioned from a full-time brick-and-mortar job to working from home, although I first became a freelance ghostwriter. Two years ago I became a full-time transcriptionist and also write for myself. If I were inclined, I could be a digital nomad, but I am firmly rooted to my current space on this earth. That doesn't mean I will stay here forever but for now, I am content.

  2. Could you give any advice please about digital apps for managing your bills/taxes etc ? I'm a freelancer and feel really overwhelmed and not fully understanding what happens with my money… (I found two or three and they extra expensive…). Hugs 🙂

  3. i recently quit my job because i want to live a free life. i have been wanting to do this since so many years, and now i finally started my youtube channel since two weeks. i'm facing a bit of a low currently, because since i want this to be my really personal journey (at least the first few months), i didn't tell any friends and family about what i'm doing, but i figured it's really much harder than i thought to get an audience. i know, i'm just two weeks in, and i will continue being consistent. i gave myself 6 months of fulltime working creatively (i'm also a musician), so without a "real job", because i really want to see the outcome of that!

  4. Currently working part-time and freelance. I constantly get judged for not working full time. Thankyou for this

  5. I work from home as a part time software engineer. I'm a subcontractor, so I don't have to worry about getting clients or negotiating my rates. I just work for one company so it feels pretty stable, like I'm an employee. Pros: good pay, interesting and challenging work, great co-workers, get to work from home, flexible hours (except for the meetings). Cons: no benefits, have to pay self-employment tax, no guaranteed hours. This is the best job I've ever had. Most of my life I worked for very little money doing traditionally female-dominated work (library, teaching, social work). I've been in toxic situations, too, with passive aggressive coworkers and doing stuff beneath my capabilities, where I didn't feel seen or acknowledged. Transitioning to software engineering in my 40s was difficult and I was unemployed for over a year. I got very depressed and thought I was never going to get a job. I'm so grateful that the Universe brought me this amazing opportunity and I try to remember that when I have frustrating days. I often think about getting a full-time remote job so I can have benefits and make more money, but right now I'm still dealing with some health problems I had developed through years of trauma and a high-stress job, so I can't work full time. Eventually I'd like to create content (write books?) so I can generate passive income. For now I'm happy to have a job that allows me time to do things I love like yoga, gardening, hiking, etc.

  6. Do you plan on buying a home? I’m curious to know your take on that. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  7. Thank you for this beautiful video🙂. I would like to know how much money do you need to live minimum per month?

  8. You have done a good job.I can see it is a lot of work to be so independent but so nice to have the flexibility and freedom.

  9. I work from home as a virtual assistant. I’m also going to school to be a therapist, and plan to offer sessions online for lower cost.

  10. I am so glad I've found your channel. Your voice is soothing and extremely relaxing, so it makes your videos easy to watch. I am also following your instagram from my reseller/photography acct, @vintagekittentreasure
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I would love to see videos on what sort of journal (if any) you keep and tips for daily journaling.

  11. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle with us, sister. You inspire me. So happy to have found your vids here in youtube. Can't wait to downsize as well so I can focus on what really matters. Much love!

  12. I am curious what is your laptop stand and if there is any chance to buy it somewhere 😉
    BTW.. great video. Put some perspective on my minimalist life.

  13. Hi! I'm also a digital nomad 🙂 Moved from the UK to the US 3 months ago and loveee the freedom that my works gives me. I'm not a extreme minimalist like you but minimalism def helped me to grow my business.

  14. Although the concept is nice and breezy, the truth is most people are forced to work jobs that they hate just so that they can survive. Society will always be burnt out as the cost of living continues to increase.

  15. Youheum, I work a 8 to 4:30 job. The security and retirement benefits are terrific, but it drains the life from me and I am anxious much of the day. I use the Plum Village app mindfulness bell. The bell rings every 15 minutes and reminds me to take 3 mindful breaths.

  16. I really like your channel. i use to earn never less than $30,000 a month . i couldn't take that lifestyle, 15 hours a day working to be unhappy. i tried to talk to my wife, she wouldn't have it. so for a 30 day divorce, i gave her our company, our $500,000 home with over $200,00 equity, our bank accounts, my car. boats, etc, and i left with nothing but divorce papers, $400. this was many years ago. WOW i'm so happy i earn $1,400 a month, heheee no worries,no fake people. i love GoodWill stores. ive traveled the world three time in five years, i was kidnapped in Cambodia for over 5 months, tortured starved, i lost 120 pounds in 4 months there, my children ask me if i have forgiven the kidnappers. my answer was i never had hatred of hard feelings for them, i keep them in my daily prayers, wow life is good. i was offered a book deal , but i really dont know what to do. maybe ill give all the money to help the children in Vietnam. 26% of all the children there are malnutrition. im moving there in feb, anyway my secret to happiness is. i am 100% responsible for everything, and if i cant except that, then i will forgive everyone , my former brother n law once asked this question after he lived with me for ten years, are you always happy. dont you ever have a bad day, well i have bad moments, but i know great moments are going to appear, my gf was killed by a drunk driver, he was sent to 7 years in prison, this was in Cambodia, i never got to say good bye to her, but i want to make sure the drunk drivers family is ok, there is no welfare or any type of help there, i know my vanny(gf) would want me to help them in some way, this is my life PEACE LITTLE SISTER

  17. I used to be a Japanese interpreter in a steel making company. Two years ago I quit my job and bought a piece of land to plant trees. I have planted around 400 trees last year. Since then I have been taking care of them as if they were my babies. At the end of the day I feel exhausted but I am so happy.

  18. I feel all of those emotions you named. I'm tired and drained from work, my hard work is unappreciated and my coworkers are hard to deal with and work with. Bosses have bad attitudes and the work environment is hot and dysfunctional. Some days I don't even want to go in

  19. How did you transition from full time work to being a free lance content creator. I was also wonder how to get clarity on your work. I am interested in illustration, art therapy and art and I love to be a content creator. I do feel drained from work but it is a better job than most of the jobs I have ever had. As much as I practice being intentional with my time I get burned out and too tired to do any thing. How can I make that transition? Thanks for reading my comment. Thanks for the wonderful video's.

  20. Hi. I have been working from home for over 20 years. I schedule mystery shops. I love it because I can take my work with me.

  21. Single mom quit my job—scariest feeling for a hot second, then I realized that I can never go back into meaningless meetings, human interactions, and lack of freedom. Love your content!

  22. I see that freelancer lifestyle worked for so many people, so I decided to share my own experience. I worked as a freelance translator for several years, and I was extremely stressed and anxious because my bills needed to be paid and I needed to eat no matter how much customers were interested in my services. The day when I found a full-time job (in a corporation) was one of the happiest of my life because finally I was sure that I'd be able to pay the rent and buy food and I did not need to depend on my freelancer luck anymore. Yes, my work environment was not perfect, but… I am much more unhappy when I have to choose between soap and bread because I cannot afford buying two things at once (a common situation from my freelancer life). So I just worked on my skills to be able to get a better job position, and I succeeded. Now I have great colleagues and quite an interesting job, and I have freedom: I finish my work at 16:00 and I can do whatever I want without worrying about money.

  23. I look forward to a video on what are the tools you use and how you create a video like yours? Thank you for your lights!

  24. Hi, Youeng! (So sorry if I misspelled that!) It's been my goal for a long time to advance in my job to make the money I need to support myself in a shorter amount of time. I'm an adult ESL teacher and worked very hard as a full-time employee for about 10 years, and have successfully gotten hired as a contractor by universities and companies which pay much better on a per-lesson basis. Now that I've had some success in achieving that goal, I struggle with feeling guilty about how much free time I have, and anxious that I "should" be working harder and saving more money. If you think doing a video about that would align with your message, I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts on that. Take care!

  25. For myself, I can't help but wonder if I am so absorbed in the idea that my worth as an individual is so deeply entrenched in the work I do that I cannot separate the two. I love the idea of being a contractor/ freelancer, but would doing this send me back into depression… it makes me feel so relieved that there are people like you who can do this for themselves and thrive. It gives me hope for my own future. Thank you!

  26. I found your channel yesterday. I was watching Homesteaders, but you are MUCH more my speed! Congrats on your Meditation Practice of mindfulness! Namaste. I have worked for myself since I was a teenager (45 now) and I have always been poor, so I appreciate your work here. Thank you Gentle Giant <3

  27. I absolutely love your videos! I wish you would include the quotes in the description text because they are sometimes difficult to read on the video 💜

  28. For years I was stressing out over not having a full-time, stable job with benefits as I bounced around between various temp jobs. Now I have one and not only can I not afford the medical insurance, but the job can be quite stressful and micromanaging. I'm looking to get a new job that is less stressful, but I'd eventually love to be self-employed. I'd like for whatever new job I get to allow me more time, or at least, leave me with more energy at the end of the day, to pursue hobbies that I could use to make money.

  29. Hi hun. Your videos are beautiful. Please can you let me know the make and model of your canon camera. I'm in the process of selling my current bulky gear and would like to streamline. Thank you. ❤

  30. I am very sensitive …I need to leave my full time job. The stress has caused me severe health issues that I'm mending w adding some of your practices. I thank y for inspiration.

  31. So many people hate their job and you have to spend a lot of time & energy there. I took a break from my teaching job. The children I enjoyed, the politics and workload I didn’t. Many teachers are stressed and unhappy. It’s why the school teacher turnover rate is so high. Have to find another job that has decent pay and healthcare. Already stressed about it.

  32. It’s personal, but I’m curious to know how financially comfortable you are, or if you need to keep a tight budget to make things work. I’d like to live a life more like yours and I’m trying to get an idea of what to expect

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