NameCheap Custom NameServer Setup 2019 – Private DNS Change

Hello friends welcome back Bhagyashri here
from and in this video I am going to show you how to create custom name
server at hosting provider and at domain register .
This video is built to create custom name server with namecheap domain register and
domainracer as hosting provider to create custom name server we have to do to different
setting at domain register and at hosting provider and the last step is verification
step . so let’s start with the process
firstly login into your name cheap domain register here I have already login now go
to account section and click on domain list. from domain list select the domain here I
am selecting dedicated and click on manage button now here click on advanced
DNS now scroll down and from here to standard nameserver and now to add custom nameservers
here click on add nameserver for demonstration purpose I am going to create ns1 and ns2 name
servere so here enter ns1 here and enter IP address here for this IP address go to your
web hosting provider and select your service from here so I am using dedicated
so click here scroll down and these are the IP addresses which we are going to use in
nameserver so copy the first IP address and paste it here click on done button now to
add the second name server again click on add nameserver button and here enter ns2 and
for IP address same as ns1 copy the secondary IP address from your web hosting provider
and paste it here click on done button similarly you can create NS3 and NS4 custom name server
for demonstration purpose I am just creating and NS1 and NS2 name server to see the name
server click on search button and these are our new customer name servers ns1.dedicated and so here we have successfully created custom nameservers. now the next steps to configure custom name
server at hosting provider so for that you have to login into your whm panel so go to
your web hosting provider and for auto login here click on login to whm cpanel after login
you can see the basic weboost manager setup so click here and enter the name server which
we have already created a domain register that is NS and
and click on save changes button after that here scroll down and in DNS function click
on edit DNS zone Select our domain and click
on edit button. here scroll down you can see here our domain
name enter the name server here which is ns1 dot put dot at the end .
here enter your email address so that if anyone want to contact you they can contact you using
this email. id instead of @ put dot here because this
is a standard format to write email IDs in whm panel scroll down again and here you can
see our domain name and enter here the name server name is ns1 dot and
NS 2 dot put that at the end of ns1 ns2 name server scroll down and
here add the new entries of name server that is ns1 and ns2 select the DNS record type
as a and enter the primary IP address here for this go to your web hosting provider copy
the primary IP address and paste it here similarly you can add ns2 . Now scroll down and click on save button. Now lets cross verify it for that go to dns
function and click on edit dns zone , select our domain again click on edit button from
here you can see our doamin name custon NameServer and email address that is correct scroll down
to see the next entries . And these are the correct entries so scroll
down and click on save button. So this way we have succesfully created and
configured whitelabeled custom nameserver at hosting provider
Now the last step is to update nameserver at doamain registrar for that go to
Domain panel and here click on domain now here scroll down and fron here select
The nameserver type as custom dns and update the nameserver here. and And click on this right click it might take
24 hour to update the custom nameserver on internet
In this way we have completed each and every step if you have any query related
Creating custom nameserver then please contact our domainracer support team.

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  1. Am glad to be the first person to comment here. Thanks for this great video. Am glad you helped me solved my issue

  2. Hi how do u configure the other domains in namecheap to point to the custom nameserver you setup in this video? I pointed the domains to the custom nameserver but it didn't work. Do you also have to register ns1 again with the same IP for each additional domain in namecheap that you want to point to your nameserver? Do you add the new domain name to ns1 when registering it at the registrar? Or just leave it as ns1 and link it with the IP. The website is already configured in my WHM edit DNS. Thanks for any helpful info!

  3. Amazing Features regarding web hosting I got found I will take your hosting in Future!! Plz reply me to enhance our knowledge!

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