Neverland | Episode 1 | LGBT web series

Aditi… My closest friend The gorgeous one Gosh!! She is so beautiful I could look at her all day long Also I could look up to her during the darkest times She is beautiful not just from outside.. but from inside too She is kind.. and caring.. She never judges me People find me wierd.. But she thinks I am perfectly alright That’s why she is my only friend But sometimes I wonder are we just friends?? I mean we could be something else Something more intense I mean She’s the one closest to me But I still feel it’s not close enough She is my only friend though But then I realize she may not be feeling the same for me I mean I’m not the only friend she has Rishi and her.. They grew up together They are pretty close too I should be happy That unlike me Aditi has many friends who care for her But I don’t know why I could never be happy about that That day We realized.. we are not just friends What we feel… …is… Love.. Yes… Love.. Today it has been six months Since we are officially dating Well… not officially yet.. But Hi Auntie.. Hi.. Green Goblin ? No.. Peter Pan.. it’s beautiful…
is it? Guess what!? What ? My admission in Arts Academy Mumbai just got confirmed Oh…my god! I knew it.. I knew it.. Oh I am so proud of you.. What? Nothing Your college is in Mumbai I still have one year of college to finish here Which means Long distance Anyways.. Are you ready for your convocation tomorrow ? Will you be there to hug me… …When I get off the stage ? What kind of a question is that ? .. Ofcourse I will Then don’t worry.. One year will go like zoop and next year by this time I’ll be standing there to hug you on your convocation Then I’ll also come Mumbai ..and then our appartment togather ..Our jobs ..Our studio Where you can sculpt and I’ll do my illustrations I hope.. Hey… I am sure.. Ah.. I don’t look good in this picture.. I told you to change it Let’s take a new one Seriously ? Sorry..sorry..sorry..sorry..sorry.. Did..did your dad say anything? listen… Rooh… I can’t afford to loose you , Okay?

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