New intermediaries in the online tourism market

New intermediaries in the online tourism market
Traditional situation Consumers
Tourism intermediation and now, are new intermediation processes
appearing…? or are we in the process of disintermediation?”
which are the traditional online intermediaries? Retail agencies
Characteristics: – Market wholesalers’ products, selling directly
to the consumer. – construct and sell their own packages. Tour operators
Characteristics: – agencies that prepare and organise all kinds
of services and packages to be offered to retail agencies
– unable to offer their products directly Global distribution system (gds)
Characteristics: – provide access to large databases of tourism
service providers using an extensive network of retail professionals.
– focused on selling airline tickets, rail tickets and hotel rooms.
– they charge a fee to the service provider. Internet distribution systems (ids)
Characteristics: – connect the service provider with the end
user. – generally sell: accommodation, flights and
rent a car. – normally charge booking fees. Central reservation system (crs)
Characteristics: – connect the tourism provider with the gds
or ids. – useful for small providers who cannot access
the gds. – represent the service provider in promotional
activities. – they charge by fixed fee or transaction
fees. Principally in the hotel sector, but also
in other sectors: We can differentiate between:
– central chains. – central partnerships.
– representation companies and quality clubs. – central business associations.
– reservation centres in public administration. What are the new online intermediaries?
Meta-search engines are comparison sites. – search all engines or browsers.
– do not have their own database. Social channels web pages that offer huge
discounts on different services and products. How do meta search engines work?
Webpages, “search engines”, “meta search engines” y “client”
Meta search engines For consumers
Advantages: expand their search Disadvantages: can be slower than performing
a normal search For the tourism company
Advantages: – gives better results that just using search
engines – opinion of the client counts.
– we can increase traffic on our website. Disadvantages:
– to appear in the search results, you have Attractive products objective market use?
Product or service. What channels are best

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