New Pixieset Website | Review Walk Through

hey guys welcome back to the channel I’m
super excited for this one this is so exciting to me that I think I’m just
gonna crawl over a nine-hole cuz this is really fun okay so if you’re not in the
new pixie set website you are totally missing out totally missing out on life
itself I’m not joking okay so this is the new pixie website it
came out a few months ago and I’ve just been dying over it recently but anyways
I’m just gonna give you a little tour so this is the banner this is the theme
Stanley it’s called and your logo goes up here on the top left you can put
wording over here in the header you can you know put things up here whatever you
want to do with the menu it’s pretty customizable so as you go down it says
hi I’m a storyteller it tells you know my audience that I like to tell stories
with my photography as I go down you have you can make these your own they
don’t have to say this you can just you know redo yours but I love the arrow
that pops up down here it says portfolio blog investment and I did those so and
then they could go to see more which would take them to your galleries or
your portfolio whatever you choose and then for this theme I has add feature in
I just put everything that I’m featured in and then this is the blog I put my
blog like this because I really enjoy blogging so I only have a few logs but
not too much and then I put like a little quote here she has a wild soul
well she has a wild spirit but a soft heart and such a sweet soul and then it
has this is automatically put in they can click on this and it will take them
straight to your Instagram account that’s my Instagram account and this is
like absolutely gorgeous and then right here in the lower right hand corner
I put the Facebook Messenger app so if they click on this it says hi how can I
help you they can contact me instantly I like how it has the footer menu here and
again the Stanley Femi so I’m just gonna kind
of walk you through it so and then you can go to about Me section up here and
this is hi I’m Danielle it tells you a little bit about me
it talks about testimonials and then they contact contact me right from there
my portfolio they would click on this and it would take them straight to my
portfolio work and what I do here in Vegas and they can it’s a beautiful
gallery I’m not gonna lie and you can choose different galleries that you want
to do so let’s just say you know I wanted to put a gallery in there I’ll
show you exactly how to do that then you can go to my pricing and I have three
packages and I decided on this one and then I have my fax below here I love how
pixie set has a action call action I’m each paid when they’re ready to book
you and then you got the contact page and I set mine up just pretty simple
what they’re interested in what do you know how did they hear about me and then
the blog and then clients still clients is actually your galleries so I upload
these clients will click on this and they can instantly download their
gallery it’s look at this so this is the gallery boom they get to download it
your galleries are automatically put onto your website that’s what I
absolutely about love about pixie set so I’m gonna go back into my website if I
can let’s just do this okay all right so I’m gonna take you through the
back-office so you got your client galleries I’m pixie set here’s all my
calories okay then you’re gonna see your website and this is where it’s
customizable it is so easy so let’s just say you
wanted to change this picture you’d click on this go here and you would be
able to change your image here for each slide and then for Las Vegas
photographer and then poetry is you know photography is poetry I’m gonna do this
pretty fast because I don’t want to get you know – ahead of time so it’s very
very easy to edit these and I’m gonna show you why so let’s just say you
wanted to add something right here see this little plus sign that pops up boom
okay so I want to put you know a video boom they have templates for video or I
want to put a contact page here boom or I want to put an image here or a gallery
these are galleries look how easy this is social I want to play social here
amazing I want to put you know your own custom tag or a button I mean they have
everything everything that you need for your website is absolutely I’m here and
it’s amazing you can do leaks you can do blogs you can do pretty much anything
that you want to do okay and then you can click here and it would take you to
the pictures but anyways this is just showing you the new Pixy set website I’m
gonna get into a editing tutorial on how to edit your pixie website so if you
enjoyed this is a little grub the new Pixy set website don’t forget to
subscribe to the channel and as always I will see you guys in the next video

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