Novertur – The Business Matching Network for Internationalization

your company is doing great and you’re looking to make it grow further you would like to explore new
opportunities and you’re considering expanding to other countries unfortunately you don’t know how to face an
unknown international market and how to find and connect with
business partners abroad you could start with a few internet searches travel around and attend business fairs and
networking events but this is expensive and time-consuming
plus you don’t really know who to trust out there you could deal with consultants that can
help but they are hard to find and needless to say, expensive. yes, it’s tough! now there is Novertur the online
business network for internationalization an innovative way to do b2b networking
for small and mid-sized enterprises within minutes get introduced to
relevant and trustworthy business partners fulfilling your needs. our matchmaking application will not guide you to companies similar to you… …but to complementary partners. if you prefer, do it on your own using our advanced search engine. Novertur will also connect you with trade organizations creating trust in your business like
Chambers of Commerce or business associations moreover, if you’re struggling doing
business or if you feel lost in the global economy you can easily access reliable trade
service providers they will help! With quick and easy
access to the stakeholders of your internationalization Novertur helps you save time and money to
finally go global sign up now in two minutes

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