O que é HTML, CSS e JavaScript? | #uninerds | Universo dos Nerds

Hello everyone here who speaks
is the administrator of uninerds In this video lesson we
will be explaining to you what you should know to
start developing for Web basically you have to know three
languages that is HTML, CSS and JavaScript in HTML we define the structure of
the site, that is, what the page will have in CSS we define how this will be
presented, ie what will be her style and in JavaScript we make the interaction
with the user and also the dynamic part of the site Is there any way I can see an HTML code
for a page that is already on the Internet? Yes it is possible, in Firefox you enter the page, right-click ‘View page source’ and then you will have access to the
HTML, CSS and JavaScript code of the page and a way for you to see how a
page would look without CSS in Firefox just come here on these
three risks that is ‘Open menu’ ‘Personalize’ and here choose ‘Menu bar’ there you go in the option ‘View’ ‘Page Style’ ‘No style’ just look how our site it would already be without CSS that is, this is just for you to have a notion how CSS is needed on a page let’s go back to displaying the default style but just so you have a notion than CSS is capable of you may be accessing this
site which is csszengarden.com here you go here in the option ‘VIEW ALL DESIGNS’ and here are 221 pages that have
the same HTML only with different CSS just for you to have notion we will
open the first two that is this and this here is a page and here another page so, looking fast seems like
two different pages, is not it? but they want to see someone very interesting let’s display the source code of this and the source code of that and then let’s compare the two codes look that as you can see the HTML of the two pages is practically the same So, what changes from one to the other? just CSS that is, just so you have a notion of what you can do with CSS duas páginas com o mesmo HTML com CSS diferentes parecendo
de fato que são páginas diferentes and there, with JavaScript as we said the dynamic
part of the page is done and interaction with the user for example here we have a feature on our
site that when you choose a menu option instead of loading the whole site page it simply reloads the part that
appears the content that is this here where we are passing the mouse,
for example, we will click here Look, see, he just
reloaded the part of the middle also the ‘A-‘ and ‘A +’ option that increases
and decreases the font also works by JavaScript here in the ‘Contact’ tab we
have the part for you to contact us and it also has its part of
JavaScript, for example, when you click send if the fields are empty they get
the red name, this is done in JavaScript but with the advancement of HTML and CSS HTML is already in version 5 and CSS in version 3 some things that were done in JavaScript
started to be made in these two languages for example, a usability that has
here is what appears here in the name field this text ‘Name’ when starting to type
disappears what was there and appears what was typed and erasing the text again this before HTML5 was done in JavaScript but it was something that
gave even a certain work to do then with the evolution of HTML and
CSS will facilitate the work of programmers because then they do not have
to focus so much on JavaScript basically this is what we would
like to be showing in this video lesson what is HTML, CSS and JavaScript and wait for the next video lessons we will be showing you how
to program in these languages so wait and until the next video lessons

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