Optimasi Website Agar Lebih Cepat Dengan Hosting Terbaik

Hi everyone, I’m going to explain how to maximize current hosting technology to optimize your website. Even when your website is accessed by hundreds of thousands of visitors, your website will still be reliable. A reliable website will make your website visitors stay longer in your website. This will have a positive effect on your website’s page rank for Google Search Engine. Interesting, right? To have a reliable website, you have to ensure that connection timeout, limited bandwidth, error establishing database connection, and other error problems are not going to happen on your website. Now I’m going to give you a few tips on how to choose your hosting provider. First, to avoid bottleneck between processor performance and storage media, storage media’s with hi-speed and low latency become a serious demand for faster performance. The standard storage media like SATA/IDE/SAS no longer balances processor’s performance which cause processor to have to wait storage media in doing “read-write” process. This is what’s called bottleneck. Another reason why SATA/IDE no longer balances processor’s work is because they are still using mechanical system that limit its performance So what’s the solution? You don’t have to worry, because Dewaweb has a datacentre with guaranteed criteria that will give you high-level performance and stability, super fast SSD. High performance cloud hardware and SSD drive are the must-have technologies for your website. Dewaweb uses Enterprise Class Blade Servers and Storage Blade Array from Hewlett-Packard with SuperFast SSD Drives, not rackmount server with NAS/SATA storage. This Enterprise Blade configuration maximize cloud computing power from CPU, RAM, and disk I/O speed is very important to reach high performance and reduce overhead than software cloud virtualization. Let’s see the physical visual. Imagine if there are dozens of sophisticated HP blade server at the back of your website like this. This sophisticated system allows us to replace a device by opening and replacing the device without having to turn off the system. Every Hypervisor uses 4x 10Gbps NICS, HP Flex Switching modules, and Cisco switches Second tips, upgrade-able but not long-winded. For your website to be upgraded, not only you need massive capacity resource, you also need a proven-to-be-stable platform. Imagine the loss you may experience, the lost chances, when your website’s uptime is disturbed by long-winded upgrade. So what’s the solution? You don’t have to worry because Dewaweb has chosen platform that guaranteed easy and time-saving cloud server management, provision, health monitoring, and auto-healing (failover). Here is the scheme visualisation. The cloud platform used by Dewaweb is proven to be stable, received many awards, and is used by more than 3000 cloud providers in 93 countries. If you feel that your hosting plan is too large or too small for your website’s traffic, you can downgrade and upgrade it anytime you want. All you have to do is login to your client area, click view all, click your active service, choose which package needed tobe upgrade or downgrade click “upgrade/downgrade paket” button, then choose the package you want to use, choose billing cycle, then click “pilih produk”. After invoice, pay, then your website will be upgraded right away. If you downgrade, your over payment of hosting automatically becomes your Dewaweb balance that you can withdraw at any time. For cloud-server user, to upgrade ram/cpu, just create support ticket from client area. Explain what you need and our ninja support team will create an invoice. Once you pay, your resources will automatically upgraded Thirdly, you don’t have to worry about bandwidth. Imagine if your website traffic suddenly increases, but the width of the data server traffic path is limited, it will be a lot of visitors to your website that did not make it. So, what’s the solution? You don’t have to worry, every Dewaweb cloud server uses 500Mbps uplink speed at eth0 and 1 Gbps di eth1 (VLAN) to guarantee high performance network throughout. with fast connection to various international backbone and huge bandwidth capacity this is why Dewaweb can give unlimited bandwidth for all cloud hosting and cloud server Here’s the study case. One of the customer who move to Dewaweb (using Paladin package) experience traffic spike in June 2015 where traffic increase 4 times from 154,930 unique visitors/month to 600,000 unique visitors/month. Here is a look at the statistics of the resources usage in cPanel (last 30 days) which shows the website performance remains stable and there is no bottleneck. Here is a look at the statistics of CPU usage and RAM on the server (last 30 days) that shows the performance remains stable and maintained. Hopefully this video will help you and your website to improve your ranking on Google’s first page because it’s already optimized with the best hosting features. for questions, please chat our ninja support, at www.dewaweb.com or write it in the commentbox Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and turn-on youtube notification

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