Optimizing Websites For User Experience with Lucky Orange’s Bradley Friedman

I didn’t actually sip that one but okay. Looks real. Hey guys welcome back to Coffee Talks we’re here in Boston with
Bradley Friedman from Lucky Orange Why don’t you introduce yourself and tell the people a little bit about Lucky Orange? Sure. Thanks for having me. Again my name’s
Bradley here with lucky orange, Director of Client Services Lucky Orange is a
company that helps with user engagement through recordings heat maps form
analytics and a lot more. And we also seek into the HubSpot community as well
so it’s great to be here look forward to sharing some insight and yeah. We’re so
happy to have you here so I think one thing we see with websites is we have a
lot of people come to us or we work with a lot of people who you know have a
contact form on their website and they maybe have some google analytics they’re
like well we’re getting some contacts or some people are filling out forms are
calling us from the website maybe and and kind of your tool and what you guys
are doing is taking this analytics to the next level and why is it important
to understand more than just maybe we’re getting a couple contact form
submissions why is it important to kind of have that next level use your
experience knowledge. Sure sure no that’s a great great question and people always
are like I’m getting lead forms I’m happy with the performance why mess with
our site well the thing is no matter how well you’re doing you likely can always
be doing better and that means they whether it is changing just your lead
form and how it’s organized switching your call-to-action button
whatever it may mean there’s always things you can be doing and even if you
make that conversion from 1% to 2% that could be huge that that’s a whole nother
customer you could be gaining and it’s really a great thing to be keeping
once people kind of get started realizing okay there’s there’s this
whole other amount of information that we can tap into it can be a little bit
overwhelming from there because then there’s this massive kind of level of
granular data that you can collect and that can be a little bit paralyzing good
you have some places that would be good for people to start if they’re like okay
I understand there’s there’s some next steps I can do to take my website to the
next level yeah where maybe some data points are some different things to
start looking at definitely I mean it’s always scary but that’s why there’s a
you have someone on your team who knows what they’re doing B you looked at an
agency even like Nextiny I mean there’s all these different places you
can turn of people that are experts in these things but if you feel comfortably
your self or you want to try a few different things it can be as simple as
just reorganizing your forms if your forms anything more than two or three
fields it’s a chance you’re losing people because they’re filling it out in
the wrong way or they’re getting stuck on one of those fields that you may not
need and so you can very easily use a tool that allows you to see how people
are interacting what stages are dropping off and then test what I do always say
is you need to test so no matter what you do you may think you’re losing these
people here but at the end of the day you still need to make sure that this
new version is better you don’t want to just say oh I think this is gonna work I
make the change and not test a be testing is a huge important part of all
this. There’s a question then of kind of how long and when do you how do you know
when to take action once you make small changes can you explain a little bit
about what that kind of period needs to be of okay well I’ve made a change I
wait this long or I look for this percent of change after after you kind
of got into this data and maybe are making some changes. For sure that it’s
really going to depend on your site there sites out there that get a
thousand visitors a month there are sites out there they get a hundred
thousand or a million there’s a month and so the ones that are
getting more traffic can make changes maybe a little bit faster because they
have that information quicker for these sites that are getting not as much but
more high quality traffic you might need to wait a month or two until you’re
making a change because you are only getting five or ten leads a month and
you’re not going to want to make a change after one or two leads because
that’s not going to give you a lot of insight so the important factor is
determining how much traffic you’re getting and then figuring out a stage
where you feel comfortable that you have enough on both version a B or you could
even have version C but you know when it feels right and you you can tell okay
this one really is starting to outperform let’s go ahead switch on over
but once you make that switch you can’t stop because now it’s started tight it’s
time to start iterating on something else yeah so now you reorganize your
form okay now let’s look at your call-to-action button but let’s not try
to change too many things at once it goes in stages so that way you
actually know the impact of those changes you’re making yeah that’s
beautiful we love lucky orange we’re such big fans of you guys in what your
tool kind of enables us to do in making those small iterations over time that
allows our sites to grow could you give just for those of them
out here who might not know about lucky weren’t just a little bit about what
your tool offers the other tools may not or what kind of data and insights lucky
orange can provide sure so lucky orange is a tool that really allows you to see
what’s going on on the site so whether it’s through a visitor recording where
the each individual visitor that comes to your site you’ll be able to go back
and see how they engage where they’re dropping off what pages they’re going to
you get that personal insight into how each individual user experience your
website but I have a high-level we also get into things like dynamic heat maps
since we are tracking all these individuals you can see how each end of
aggregated together each of these users have experienced the site so you know
what are those buttons and items people are interested in how are they engaging
with forms all the where are they dropping off how can we
make changes and so the tool really aggregates all that data together for
you so now you can start to go make these user experience changes and
improve your site through those different action. Amazing we’re such big
fans of you guys thank you so much for being here with us today Bradley. Of
course it’s a pleasure enjoy speaking with you all and I hope you have a great
rest of the time!

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