Performance Tests Whenever – Managed WooCommerce Hosting by Liquid Web

If you call your webhost right now and
say “Hey, I would like 200, 300, maybe 500 virtual users
to all hit my site at the same time because I want to do some performance
testing”, most of them are gonna say no. Right, and that’s the nature of a shared
environment because when you’re trying to do a performance test on a shared
environment on your site, it’s actually affecting the resources on the rest of
that server which means the other sites on that server are gonna be impacted. So,
if you call up your hosts and you say, “Hey, I want to do this”, most time they’re
like no what we could do is we could go spin up another environment, set you
up somewhere else and you could test some things there. And you go “right but
that defeats the whole point of my test right because I want to know if
my particular site in store can handle the traffic not some other place some
other way some other configuration”. And so when we designed our platform we
designed it with the independence and with the scalability and feature set
that would allow you to run those performance tests but more importantly
than that because we know hey there’s just never enough time you got to create
those tests and you got to figure out what are the right tests to create you
need data. We’ve created all of that so now any store owner even a non-technical
store owner can ask for a performance test at any point to prepare for any
kind of campaign they’re running and we can do it on our platform.

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