Precious Plastic – 3D printer Filament maker

yeah Alright, so we wanna show you guys how we used our extrusion machine to make 3D printer Filament. Here is the extrusion machine from our videos. And the shredded plastic is in here, gets
heated in this barrel and then comes out from the nozzle as you can see – wait let me focus – and this is a key thing when making filament to have a nice solid line and this requires some tweaking and adjusting so for instance, these are the
temperature settings we use and we also use a controllable engine but you don’t need this because you can also adjust with the nozzle the output but it takes a while before you have the right temperature settings so we’re currently
extruding polypropylene and this is what works for us but it depends on your type of plastic, the environmen, the speed. So like I said, tweak a little, try it out,
once you have it write them down, never forget. so the extrusion is just extruding very nicely the plastic, then it goes on to this thing and this thing, basically – the first it does is it cools down the plastic with some old computer fans, and this is all just used for cooling to
make sure it’s cooled down before we’re going to wind it up and so here is the winding up taking
place on the spool which you can use on your printer and we can set the speed of
these winding up over here and this defines how thick you want your extruded filament to be. So this is a couple of settings like the speed you’re at currently, the distance you’ve done so far and the timing. Again, this also takes a while before you
have the right settings. Once you have them don’t let them go. And this actually quite nice so this is just extruding, you don’t have to do anything with it Once you have the right settings, it’s just
automatically, you know, working for you. But this thing is still in beta, but
extrusion is pretty finished up. Go watch our forums to visit the blueprints of this thing and go watch our website to find the blueprints of the extrusion and tell us now if you have any questions.

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