Quickie: Mad Max: Fury Road

[YMS] So I just saw Mad Max: Fury Road and it was a lot of fun. If I were rating this movie based on how much fun I had
i’d be giving it a nine out of ten. But alas, I rate movies based on what
I feel the quality of the film is. So no, i’m not docking points because I had fun watching it. I just genuinely feel as though the
movie is a fun seven out of ten. There were a lot of aspects in the film
that were genuinely impressive. The cinematography was pretty great! The computer generated imagery was used sparingly. There were some parts that didn’t feel visually quite real, but for the most part it wasn’t enough to
take anybody out of the movie. And most of all it was just fucking fun! It was like if Death Race Three wasn’t a massive piece of shit. I’m not going to complain that there wasn’t really much to the story because anybody can tell that the movie
wasn’t really trying to be heavily story driven. In all honesty if a movie is going for the the cool and
fun factor i’d rather it dosen’t spend an eternity dicking around in between the cool and fun scenes. In Mad Max: Fury Road the story was just enough so the
cool and fun scenes didn’t feel stupid and pointless. I like how over the top and ridiculous it was and
I wouldn’t want the movie to be any other way. In fact I hope the next movie goes even further. Believe it or not I was reminded of army of darkness during
the fight scene with the chain and the struggle for the gun. There were a few things that irked me about the
presentation of the movie but they were fairly minimal. There were a few of those family flashback
hallucination shots that were a little cheesy. And yea, I know we’re talking about the same movie where
theres a dude on top of the car playing electric guitar riding to his fucking death. but I think its important to differentiate between
cheese during something fun and cool and cheese during something that’s supposed to be dramatic and serous. As someone that does a lot of editing there were a few things
that were distracting and took me out of the film for a bit. When slow footage is sped up to make it look fast, some people
just see slow footage sped up to make it look fast. Trust me it happens more times in this movie than you think. During some of the dialog characters were basically whispering
to each other, but they’re inside a giant moving vehicle. and theres no shortage of ear basting engine sounds during scenes
where we see the exterior of the vehicles. But during the serious talk time in the vehicles the
volume of the engine is turned down so low in post that literally that’s all I can think about anymore. [Imperator Furiosa] I was born there. [Max Rockatansky] so why’d you leave? [Imperator Furiosa] I didn’t. I was taken as a child. stolen. [YMS] it doesn’t destroy the movie, all i’m saying is that
when somethings in the environment that’s so un-ironically unnatural it is a little distracting. And keeping consistent with what I said earlier, remember
that these serious talk scenes are supposed to be serious. Meaning that distractions like those wouldn’t be as much
of an issue if they were during the cool and fun scenes. I have the exact same issue in any movie where the characters are in
a supposedly loud club but they don’t have to talk over the music. The worst example I could think of would be from an indie
movie called A Midsummer Night’s Rave. [Chad] I know how thirsty you fine DJs can get. [Elena] Thank you chad. [Chad] (breathes in) Enjoy. [Elena] Thanks! [YMS] The best example I could think of would be
from David Finchers The social Network. [Mark] You ever think about that girl? [Billy] What girl? [Mark] The-the girl from high school who was, did the lacrosse thing. [billy] No! [YMS] When a director has that much forethought to get the actors
to shout in a silent room before the audio is added in in post production, it impresses me enough to be giving the movie extra points. And remember that a perfect ten rating is not a default
that only goes lower if you find issues with the movie. A default rating for me is a five out of ten, and any
achievements that the film has to offer bring it higher. And iv’e gotta say I was impressed by what the film had to offer. Having seen the first two Mad Max films a long
time ago this one was a lot more entertaining. If there’s one thing I remember about those older
ones its that they had a much slower pace. That and the villans were comically homosexual. Should society get enraged over the sexual
orientation or gender of the villains or heroes? No! I honestly wish I could have watched Mad Max fury road without all of
those click-bait websites making a big fuss over the characters genders. Because to me this movie had nothing to do with gender issues at all. You could have swapped the genders of literally every character except the
pregnant one and I wouldn’t have felt any different about the movie. Having a specific gender or sexual orientation being portrayed
in a positive or negative light in a film might affect me more if it was hmm, I don’t know, not set in a post apocalyptic fantasy world where
everyone, including then main character, has lost their fucking minds. A group of men or a group of women or a group of gay people
should not be taken as an accurate reflection of society. They’re just these things called characters. And well it is possible that George Miller wrote this screenplay with
the explicit intention of painting certain genders in certain lights, at no point did it feel forced and out of place. Why don’t we just view people as human beings again? Oh right. Its because anger sells and the one way to get
everybody arguing at eachother over something is to turn it into a gender issue. I forgot. And yes the click-bait websites are just as guilty as the idiot they were
quoting, who by the way never actually saw the movie before writing it. You realize you can find idiots saying stupid shit about anything
on the internet and that by putting them on a pedestal you’re essentially generating the controversy yourselves? Doesn’t matter. money. Gender debates are the new big thing right now so
we’ll jump on literally any opportunity to get you fired up about them so you’ll share the link and give us money. When I have criticisms to make about a film, I try to keep
my criticisms in line with film making and presentation. Have we forgotten how to do that? Anyway forgive me for making that last part of my
review more so a review on other peoples reviews. Overall I really liked Mad Max. I think that seven out of ten is a reasonable rating to give it. Who knows, I might even bump it up to an eight the next time I see it. If you watch the trailer and think that looks like a lot of fun, then you’ll probably have a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun. It was like an amusement park ride. It was like riding the fun-coaster in fun-land. It was a hot fun sunday. Fun fun. Fun fun fun fun fun. It was fun. Mad Max: Fun Road. Fun out of ten. Fun. Fun fun. fun fun. fun fun fun. FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! [YMS] I can hold out my middle finger. HAHAHA! This guy is the real definition… AW IS THAT A DOG? How can I honk and flip off people? YES! Okay, lets go. Im sorry mark I know youre watching. HAHAHAHA!

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  1. Yeah I liked this movie a lot more than I thought I would. I saw the trailers and thought 'Driving through the desert shooting at each other looks dumb' but it was highly entertaining.

  2. This movie gets extra points in my book for being one of the (VERY) few movies with good tie in video games. (The mad max game is great and you should play it)

  3. Best action movie i've seen in years: Emphasis on the action. It's not one of the greatest films of all time in my opinion, but it's one of the 6-7 movies I could turn on any given day and watch till the end without feeling like i've wasted my time

  4. If no one noticed the dude playing the fucking electric guitar is on a binge cord thing and he's blind cool beans in my oppinon

  5. You win a like for running over a virtual dog, and for mentioning Death Race 3.
    (1 and 2 (both from the 2000s) are actually pretty good.)

  6. It's not a surprise that the genders of the characters don't matter to you; after all, almost every single badass action movie has a male protagonist. It matters a lot more if this was literally the first film you've ever seen with an actual super badass and not-at-all-sexualized leading character the same gender as you.

  7. people who say that there is no story are idiots and dont know shit about movies.if u wan a story go read a book

  8. Just realized that Furiosa and her mother were taken from their home but they're a 30 hour drive away at high speed most of the time.

    Why would Joe's war party ever bother to travel that far away, for any reason?

  9. I was really hoping you would mention the terrible greenscreen at the beginning in the chase, and the terrible dialog overdubs. They really bothered me and made this otherwise FUN movie a grade lamer. And to think this movie got an Oscar for sound mixing :DDDDD

  10. I wish George Miller was directing the DCEU Justice League instead of Snyder and Whedon as the Co director. I didn't like all of his cast picks like his Flash and and Armie Hammer picked to play Batman. I think that is a bad choice for the character but his direction would have been awesome.

  11. This review seemed a bit to harsh. A 7/10 and docking it down for things that aren’t even that big of a deal like “sometimes the footage looked sped up” which keep in mind is a homage to earlier films even the mad max films.

    “Family flashbacks” it’s a total of at most 8 seconds of screentime. Okay. That’s a nitpick that shouldn’t be used as a full blown con.

    Also the sound in the background while they’re talking. The complaint makes sense but to me that is still a huge nitpick.

    With these nitpicks it seems like the movie should’ve received a 9/10 considering these are so minute and in the span of 2hrs the problems consist of like 5 min worth of screentime.

  12. I know that this is a quickie and you don't go into too much detail, but from what you said here, I don't get how your arrived at a 7/10.
    You say 'it's fun' almost in a dismissive manner like 'yeah, it's an enjoyable little movie, nothing special'.
    And if that's your opinion, so be it. But I think Fury Road is pretty much the height of what an action movie can be, easily a 9/10 and maybe approaching a 10/10. I don't think that a great fun action movie is inherently inferior to a great serious drama.

  13. "This movie had nothing to do with gender issues at all!"
    Adam, while reviewing a movie about women being kept as slaves to serve as healthy breeders.

  14. You know, it's kinda funny. I actually noticed the whole engine quieting thing when I watched the movie myself and it kind of bugged me just a little. Not too much because the few words that are exchanged in the entire film are all very important and I wanted to hear them, but I did always find it odd it was so much quieter. Fast forward a year later and, because of this fucking movie, I bought myself a 1965 Ford Mustang coupe with a 302 V8 crate engine in it. I expected the car to be loud as fuck, and it is… but only on the outside. Inside the cab is still perfectly quiet enough to have an indoor volume conversation. Not saying that your criticism isn't valid, hell even I noticed it. I just wanted to point out that the inside of cars, even loud ones, can be deceptively quiet.

  15. Eh? You can't really swap the gender of any of the female characters because the entire conflict of the film comes from the fact that they're sex slaves for the villain so that society could reproduce. I mean, I guess you could make the villain a woman and have the slaves be men, but that would probably come across as very silly to the majority of audiences on both sides of the political spectrum.

  16. People said bullshit about gender and related stuff because the script of this movie was too stupid, and they took the movie seriously. If the Movie didn't take itself serious it could be a good movie, a very good one; But the movie does. Making most of the characters's dumb decision (and there are a lot of it) severly annoying.

  17. I think what made this movie 'subcounsiously' so great is that it portrays humans. Think about it. There are some cheesy sad parts but thats how cheesy sadness is kn real life aswell. Also there isnt something BIG going on. There in a wasteland which may have a long timeline. But the movie captures this one moment in that timeline where humans struggled with something. Its really hard to explain but try to understand

  18. tom hardy is the shit. hearing about the feud btwn the costars i’ve walked away knowing for sure that theron is a massive cunt

  19. You say computer effects were used sparingly a lot when you talk about movies that don’t obviously have a situation in which it’s needed which I find to be idiotic on your parts as movies like mad max fury road are full of CGI but it looks good and is used on stuff you wouldn’t assume are obviously CGI and I feel as though that’s what you should comment on that it was used properly not sparingly as that statement better applies to such a film

  20. "This movie has nothing to say about gender at all" *is literally a movie about a hyper masculine society enslaving women for sex*. There's nothing wrong with making a movie that has something to say, and your continual bizarre insistence that "good" movies aren't "distracted" by having an actual point to make and engaging with the society and culture in which all art is imbued with meaning is very strange. Most good sci fi explores something about the actual world we live in. Why are you alright with Her engaging with society's use of technology, but not alright with Mad Max engaging with society's use of gender?

  21. I just have to listen to the first few seconds of your videos to know what you thought of the movie, then i carry on

  22. Did you ever have a chance to take a look at the black and white cut of the film? I feel like it's worth watching through that way at least once, to get a broader appreciation of the editing and shot composition. Not to mention there's the added fun if you the sucker and queue up some choice tunes.

  23. I watched this movie before ever even watching any other mad max movie and I had a great time watching this.

  24. Ok…no one gets distracted by sounds that sound unnatural that much. It doesn't sound implausible, especially when it's a cinematic technique. It's really just you.

  25. man I wish they made q video game for this! oh wait.. I wish they did.. I wish they made a good game for this like just a ln Arcade like death race car to car hoping battle convoy simulator for shits n giggles

  26. 2:20 The engine sounds are unnaturally quiet during the dialog.

    Sure, but 80% of the movie involves V8 engines running at full-throttle. If they made the audo-levels realistic, you'd hear only "ROAR" for the entire movie. That and some gunfire.

    I found it refreshing to just dim the completely unnecessary engine sound and get an easy to understand dialog with some emotion.

  27. First two Mad Max films? What the fuck?! You do know there are 3 prior to this one and one more coming with Tom Hardy, right? Mad Max 1979, Mad Max 2 1981 and Mad Max: Beyond Thunder Dome 1985… sheesh. Lol I like yer content anyway.

  28. I am confused, if this was a 7, what is a 10? Anything in the last decade for you was a 10 I would be shocked but also a bit disappointed because you have no ceiling. I already have to deal with your annoying voice and now knowing this, meh.

  29. The War Rig roaring in the chase scenes mostly comes from the engine revving in response to Furiosa moving to higher gears for increased speed. Like a bike. You maintain rpm while the transmission moves into a higher gear= faster War Rig. A bit also comes from an engine output at max rpm.

    So not only do I disagree with that point in the context of the movie (having loud roaring over an intimate scene of emotional connection is dumb), it's also wrong. She's not switching gears, and they're not being chased so she's in lower gears to conserve gas and the engine.

  30. People are complaining that his review was harsh. He said he thought it was really fun to watch and gave it a 7-8/10. This was one of the least harsh reviews I've seen on this channel

  31. On the subject of audio, can the fine engineers that work on tv and movies actually balance the sound? I hate having to crank up the volume all the way to hear whispering characters just to get ear raped by an explosion or music five minutes later.

    Like yeah I get that the explosion should be loud but why not make the audio levels on the characters closer so that I stop getting ear raped

  32. WRONG AGAIN! This was 2 movies mashed together. One movie was to rewrite mad max as an idiot and barbarian with no decent scenes painting him as the cool bad ass he was in the previous franchise… The other a vagina exploitation film painting all women as victims to the patriarchy that were too strong to tame. It was a shit experience as far as how confused and cheap the writing was done. It was made to promote sjw female b.s.. To destroy the history of mad max and paint women as the new male action archetype. It could have ironically been a good movie. If it had nothing to do with mad max and they worked on the script instead of just trying to find ways to make women superheros all the time. Whats her face was good and could have made a damn fine post apocalyptic, dystopian movie if this wasn't hell bent on it's social injustice agenda.

  33. 1:50 I'd argue that the background volume is turned down so low to displace it with background music for dramatic effect, along with the close-up indicating the character's reminiscence.

  34. I gave this movie a 8/10, probably 9/10 immediately after watching it dropping to a 8/10 after the dopamine went and left me feeling empty again, so much fun and wackiness, it isn't taking itself too seriously, like building a saga, instead it's just a whole bunch of crazy funny madness. And the War Rig with the guitar guy and the drummers on the back was just epic. WITNESS

  35. If you don't like this film stay away from me, you have no joy in you and will never get laid: I don't need the stench of your failure getting on me.

  36. friendly reminder that George Miller didn't write the screenplay . . . this movie had storyboards instead
    probably one of the most fascinating parts of the productions of this movie

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