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Educator portal plus lets you easily
browse teaching and learning resources. When you browse,
you skim through pages to become familiar with what is on the pages. A good place
to start browsing is the home page. The home page has links
to the newest and most popular resources used by teachers who have subscribed to the same groups as
you under your trending topicss The homepage also links to select
highlighted resources that relate to the nine teach standards.
Finally, the homepage links to select highlighted
videos and a video library. Beyond the homepages, the educator portal plus is organized to align with the teaching
and learning framework. The teaching and learning framework
provides a common language to discuss instructional practices and
teacher actions. It also provides clear expectations for
teachers and drives coherent robust professional
development systems of support and evaluations. as the graphic illustrates the framework
has three domains or sections plan, teach, and increase
effectiveness. You may already be familiar with the 9 teach
standards. In addition there are six plan standards and the three increase effectiveness
standards. For example, plan 2 focuses on unit
planning and increase effectiveness 3 focuses on
teaching in response to data. To browse for
resources related to the teach standards go to the teach page. To get there, you
can either use the shortcut on home page or use that each button on the Resources
page. Each have the numbers links to a teach
standard. For example, if you want to find
resources to help explain content to your students clearly you can click on the number 2. Now you
can browse resources that are focused on explaining content clearly. To browse for resources related to the
plan standards, Click on the plan icon. Each have their
numbers represents a standard Plan resources are not only organized by
plan standards, but also by subject. To find your
particular subject area, go to the drop down list. Notice that the
subjects that appear in the drop-down list are the group you are subscribed to.
If you do not see your subject area, you can easily update your subscriptions
by visiting your account page. For example, if you want to look for math
unit planning resources for your second grade class, choose elementary math from the
subgroups list and then click on plan 2. Now you
can browse the unit planning resources for elementary math and find those that are most useful to
you. If you want to browse resources for a subject you’re not subscribe to you, click other subjects and select the
subject you want to view. Browsing for resources related to the
increase effectiveness standards uses the same
process as browsing for plan resources. For more
information, Visit the frequently asked questions.

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